Junooniyatt 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Junooniyatt 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with Amardeep suddenly collapsing onto the floor, causing everyone to rush to his aid. Meanwhile, Jahan engages in a video call with Dolly, but upon hearing the commotion, he hurries over to the scene. Jahan acts swiftly and saves Amardeep’s life, leaving Biji suspicious that Mahi might have orchestrated the incident. Grateful for Jahan’s heroic act, Biji expresses her thanks and embraces him, while Ilahi also extends his gratitude. Later, Jordan confronts Mahi, questioning whether she was behind the incident. Despite her denial, Jordan acknowledges Jahan’s newfound hero status, recognizing that he was merely an onlooker. Mahi reassures Jordan that she has everything under control and urges him to enjoy the upcoming wedding festivities. Inspired by Mahi’s confidence, Jordan joins in the dancing with the others.

Unbeknownst to the celebratory atmosphere, Mahi realizes that the real game is just beginning. As Jordan continues dancing, an inspector arrives and halts the festivities, instructing everyone to remain in place. The inspector reveals that he received information about drug smuggling, implicating a college student. Jordan looks at his mother with a sense of pride, realizing that her plan is unfolding as intended. Ginni and Biji suspect that Mahi might be behind the situation. The inspector proceeds to instruct everyone to step aside for a thorough search. Jahan contemplates that Jordan might be orchestrating this to sabotage the wedding. The police commence their search, and Jahan exchanges a reassuring glance with Ilahi. Jordan speculates that Jahan may be in possession of the drugs, but he is shocked to discover that it’s not the case. Perplexed, Jordan wonders about his mother’s intentions.

The drugs were discovered in Jordan’s pocket by the police, prompting the inspector to attempt his arrest. However, Mehtha and his grandparents intervened, preventing the inspector from taking Jordan into custody. Mehtha, as the heir to the Mehtha industry, refused to let Jordan be arrested, explaining that it wasn’t what he wanted. Jordan insisted on his innocence and pleaded with Mahi to do something, but she remained silent. Nevertheless, everyone present supported Jordan, yet the police still proceeded to arrest him. Jahan contemplated the unfolding situation, while Biji and Ginni worried about him. Jahan felt betrayed, recalling Mahi’s promise to him. He managed to prevent Grandma from fainting.

Grandpa assured Jordan that he would secure his release as soon as possible, assuring him there was nothing to worry about. Mahi comforted Grandma, assuring her that nothing would happen to Jordan. Ilahi approached Jahan, acknowledging that she knew he was adventurous but never expected him to use drugs. Jahan explained that he had no knowledge of the situation. Later, Mehtha and Varun attempted to secure Jordan’s release on bail, but the inspector informed them that it was a narcotics case and they couldn’t intervene.

Afterward, Mahi visited Jordan in jail, where he questioned her about the situation. Mahi had injured herself and confessed that Jordan was arrested because of her actions. She had deliberately caused it to happen. In response, Jordan expressed his unwillingness to marry Ilahi and suggested it would be better to kill himself instead. He urged Mahi to leave the jail. However, Mahi insisted that her plan was the only way to reunite Jordan with Ilahi. Meanwhile, wedding rituals took place at Ilahi’s house, and Ilahi worried about Jordan. Husna and Amardeep provided consolation, while Husna took Jahan away to dance with Ilahi.

Inside the jail, Jordan paced back and forth, repeatedly asserting his innocence. He attempted to bribe the constable to provide him with a mobile phone. Mehtha made every effort to secure Jordan’s release on bail, while Mahi grappled with guilt over her actions, offering him comfort. Mehtha mentioned that they were facing this situation as a consequence of the wrongdoing they had inflicted upon Baljeet. Grandpa and Grandma anxiously worried about Jordan, while Mahi became determined to seek revenge on Baljeet.

[Episode End]

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