Junooniyatt 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Grandma announcing the arrival of Ilahi and Jordan. She distributes Prasad to them and wishes them luck for the upcoming competition. Mahi takes Arathi to meet Jordan and urges him to bring home a trophy. Jordan, in turn, requests Mahi to extend her wishes to Ilahi as well. Mahi pretends to bless her, but Ilahi is still waiting for a call from her father, Amardeep. She confides in Grandma that her dad hasn’t spoken to her yet.

Meanwhile, Jordan has a conversation with his father over the phone, where he wishes Ilahi good luck. Mahi intervenes by claiming that they are running late for the competition, diverting Ilahi’s attention. Ilahi excuses Jordan and answers her phone call from Amardeep, who is occupied with work. Ilahi reminds him that it’s her competition day, and Amardeep abruptly ends the call, leaving Ilahi disappointed. Amardeep believes that she may have misunderstood him or forgotten about her amidst his busy schedule. This competition holds great significance for Ilahi.

Jordan reassures Ilahi that she shouldn’t be afraid because he is with her. He emphasizes that she must deliver a performance that matches his style. Ilahi recalls the advice Jahan had given her, stating that she gains confidence when he is by her side. She begins singing a song, with Jahan accompanying her on the guitar and joining in the singing. Jordan interrupts and asks if she’s paying attention to him, to which she nods in response.

Behind the scenes, preparations for the Great Indian Voice competition are underway, with the media conducting interviews with Ilahi and Jordan. Jordan confidently declares that they will win the competition at any cost, asserting that no one can surpass them. The focus is primarily on Jordan, and Ilahi feels fortunate to have the opportunity to be with him. They are asked to take a solo picture, while Ilahi prepares herself for the competition. She realizes that her confidence is lacking, but she knows she must win it for her father.

In a surprising turn of events, Amardeep surprises Ilahi and apologizes for his lateness. She initially refuses to speak to him, but he convinces her by singing a song and wishing her good luck. She wonders if Jahan can hear her song as well. Jahan wakes up from his dream, recalling Jordan’s words and hoping that Ilahi can at least find happiness.

Jahan experiences a throbbing headache as he reflects on the events of the previous day. His leg throbs with pain, reminding him of how Ilahi had tenderly tended to his wounds when he was hurt. In an attempt to distract him from his discomfort, she sang a soothing melody. As Jahan hears her melodic voice, he notices Ilahi participating in a singing competition alongside Jordan. Baljeet promptly turns off the television, but Jahan requests him to turn it back on. In his imagination, Ilahi envisions Jahan singing by her side.

Ilahi starts singing with Jahan, but then she realizes that she sang with Jordan as well. A hint of disappointment washes over her smile, causing it to fade away. The anchor announces Jordan and Ilahi as the victorious duo. Jahan is elated to witness their triumph and recalls his promise to Ilahi. Overwhelmed with happiness, tears well up in Jahan’s eyes. Emotions flood Ilahi as she reminisces about the way Jahan left her. Jahan shares his joy with Baljeet, expressing his happiness.

The judge presents the trophy to Jordan and Ilahi, and the room erupts in applause. Jahan believes that Ilahi’s success can help bring her mother back, and he wholeheartedly congratulates her. Jordan remarks to Jahan that he had told him that Ilahi and the trophy were his, that he would win it. Husna and Amardeep bask in Ilahi’s victory, savoring the moment. Mahi escorts Arathi to Jordan and offers her congratulations, expressing her pride in him. She knows deep down that he would undoubtedly secure the trophy. Husna joins them and congratulates Ilahi, while Ginni informs Biji that Mahi plans to snatch Ilahi’s dream away from her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tina is going to read the congratulatory message from Jahan to Ilahi. Dolly will be the recipient of Jahan’s sorrowful revelations. Simultaneously, Mahi believes that Jordan will bring a fresh perspective to the music scene, and she prefers Ilahi not to be involved. Jahan has already moved on from his past.

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