Junooniyatt 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Jordan expressing his concern to Mahi that Ilahi might face consequences for choosing Jahan over him. Mahi questions whether he would still sing with her in the competition if that were to happen. Jahan insists that she must do it. Meanwhile, Ilahi envisions Jahan’s presence nearby, but when she wakes up from her dream, she realizes the room is dark. She attempts to turn on the light, and Mahi asks Jordan what he is up to. Jordan explains that he loves her and has no intention of harming her; he merely wants to frighten her as he did during his childhood. Ilahi notices that Jordan is no longer in his room and cries out for help. In her panic, she loses her balance and gets injured, calling out Amardeep’s name in fear. Amardeep awakens and rushes to her room to check on her. Overwhelmed, he breaks down in tears while hugging her photo. Biji consoles him and explains that it’s normal for daughters to go to their in-laws’ house.

Meanwhile, Jordan informs Mahi that he is running late, but she asks him to wait a little longer. She wants to experience more fear, as it seems to entertain him. Ilahi becomes scared by the sound of a pigeon and starts throwing things at it. In her frightened state, she collides with Jordan and clings to him for comfort. He reciprocates the hug to console her and inquires about what happened. Suddenly aware of her position, Ilahi separates from him. Jordan informs her that he ate something from the kitchen. Ilahi shares her encounter with a pigeon, and Jordan explains that it must have come in through the open window. He hopes that in her fear, Ilahi will no longer remember Jahan.

Biji recalls how Jahan informed her about his parents’ accident and decides to hide the truth from Ginni. She disconnects the landline wire. Later, Baljeet regains consciousness and apologizes for being unable to attend the wedding. He asks about Dolly and learns that she is still unconscious. He also inquires about Ilahi. Jordan assures Ilahi that she shouldn’t worry about anything as long as he is there and encourages her to keep smiling. He notices a bracelet in her hand and resolves to remove Jahan from his heart. Meanwhile, Baljeet questions Jahan about why he left Ilahi. Jahan explains that he informed Biji about it and that Ilahi will wait for him. Baljeet reassures Jahan that he is well aware of Jahan’s inability to act against them and promises to reveal the truth to Ilahi. Dolly regains consciousness and asks about Ilahi. Later, Ilahi wakes up and remembers the incident. Jahan tries to calm down Dolly and promises to bring Ilahi to her. Unfortunately, Dolly’s health worsens.

Later, Jordan embarked on a search for Ilahi, desperately dialing her number. Ilahi, sensing the urgency, hastened to answer the call before it went to voicemail. However, a seed of doubt sprouted within Jordan’s mind as he wondered if it was actually Jahan who had called. Soon after, Jahan abruptly left the scene upon receiving a call from the doctor. Meanwhile, Ilahi engaged in a conversation with Lucky over the phone, unaware that Jordan was silently listening to every word. During their exchange, Lucky shared news that brought a smile to Ilahi’s face. She excitedly informed Jordan about a special celebration, a “rasam,” taking place at her house, expressing her desire for them to attend it together. In that moment, Jordan pondered whether he alone could be the source of her happiness.

Simultaneously, Jahan received distressing news from the doctor regarding his mother’s critical health condition. The doctor emphasized the need for immediate surgery to address the issue. On a brighter note, Baljeet’s condition showed signs of improvement.

As Jahan contemplated the situation, memories of his parents flooded his mind. Meanwhile, Ilahi found herself lost in a whirlwind of thoughts, reminiscing about her moments with Jahan. She made a promise to Jahan, offering to make him tea while expressing her wish to receive a rose in return. Jahan, being the poet at heart, recited verses to express his affection. Their tender moment was interrupted by the arrival of Grandma, who reassured Ilahi that she need not veil her face and encouraged her to serve her handmade tea. Tanvi joined them and playfully hinted at Amardeep’s potential longing for Ilahi’s tea. Amardeep, with a bag full of gifts for Ilahi, showed them to Biji, who promptly instructed Ginni to make arrangements for Jordan.

Grandma and Tanvi indulged in lighthearted teasing, praising Ilahi’s tea, much to her delight. Mahi presented Jordan with his outfit for the occasion, reminding him that Ilahi would take care of all the arrangements, given her imminent punishment for her past actions. Mahi cautioned him to be careful not to let Ilahi’s stay at her parents’ house become a permanent situation. Grandpa, impressed by Ilahi’s tea, commended her and generously rewarded her with money. Lasika, visibly irritated by the praise, couldn’t resist questioning Ilahi’s cooking skills, to which Ilahi replied with a nod. Grandma, in her usual playful manner, informed her about an upcoming cooking event, Rasoi. Amardeep approached Husna, inquiring if she had spoken to Ilahi. Husna denied any communication. Lasika seized the opportunity to gossip with her mother about Ilahi, suggesting that she should strive to stay in Mahi’s good graces while creating a negative impression of Ilahi.

Later, Ilahi found herself dreaming of a romantic encounter with Jahan, relishing the moments in her mind. Jordan, in an act of deception, staged a scene where he pretended to scold his servant for not ironing his clothes properly. He intentionally caused a commotion, questioning the functionality of the iron box, and, with calculated intent, caused her hand to come into contact with the hot iron, resulting in a burn. Jordan swiftly shifted gears, feigning remorse and offering an apology. Grandpa, appalled by Jordan’s behavior, reprimanded him while Jordan proclaimed his intention to punish himself for his actions. Mahi intervened, putting a halt to Jordan’s self-punishment. Both Lasika and Mahi cautioned Ilahi to be cautious and avoid tasks she was unfamiliar with.

Meanwhile, Jahan, concerned about his mother’s health, resolved to contact a specialist for her condition. As he turned to the internet for information, he stumbled upon a surprising revelation: Ilahi was supposedly married to Jordan. Jahan struggled to accept this reality, convinced that it couldn’t be true. He recalled Jordan’s previous words, speculating that it might all be part of a scheme to transform the fabricated news into reality. Seeking answers, Jahan dialed Husna’s number, only to have the call abruptly disconnected. Determined to uncover the truth, Jahan implored Husna to reveal the whole story. The shock hit him like a wave as he learned that the news of Ilahi being married to Jordan was indeed true.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ilahi will express her discomfort with the dress to Jordan, stating that she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it. In response, Jordan will kindly request her to give it a try, emphasizing his desire. He believes that this is merely the starting point for something special. Acknowledging Ilahi’s concerns, she will proceed to modify the dress to suit her comfort level.

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