Junooniyatt 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Lucky informing Ilahi that someone has gifted her a car. Ilahi expresses skepticism, suggesting that it could be from someone else. Jordan confidently reveals that it is, in fact, her car. He had purchased it for their wedding shopping. Ginni and Biji excitedly enter the car, while Jahan arrives in an auto rickshaw. Ilahi decides to join Jahan in the auto, expressing her preference. Husna settles into the car, and Jordan glares at Jahan. Meanwhile, Ilahi begins her wedding shopping. She asks Jahan through the mirror for his opinion on a lehenga she is considering. Jahan appreciates her in the blue lehenga and encourages her to choose it. However, Ilahi is shocked by its price and pretends not to like it, making an excuse to leave. Meanwhile, Amardeep is selecting a Sherwani for Jahan.

Ilahi selects a ring for Jahan, reminiscing about the special way he had gifted it to her. She had promised to wear it around her neck for a lifetime. Lacking funds, she sold her ring to buy the lehenga. The store staff notices her love and devotion and nods approvingly. Jahan examines the lehenga and discovers its price. He assumes that Ilahi rejected it due to its cost. Biji scolds Ginni for not taking proper care of Lucky. Jahan checks on Lucky and notices Jordan purchasing the blue lehenga for Ilahi. He instructs the staff to pack the lehenga for his future wife, while silently vowing to confront Jordan if he intends to disrupt the wedding. Later, Ilahi engages in a video call with Dolly. Dolly inquires about her son’s whereabouts and expresses her disappointment in his lack of support for his daughter-in-law. Dolly playfully scolds Jahan, pretending not to notice him in the frame. She jests about giving the Shagun (a traditional gift) to Ilahi and asks Jahan if she should proceed. Jahan explains that his wallet is empty but humorously presents his empty wallet to Dolly. She accepts it wholeheartedly and playfully returns it to him, urging him to keep it safe. Dolly praises Ilahi, appreciating her actions.

Dolly requests Ilahi to show her the clothes, and he obliges by presenting them to her. She assures him that no one has cast any evil glances at her. Ilahi reminds her that they are not allowed to meet until the wedding. Meanwhile, Jahan attempts to engage in romantic gestures with Dolly, but she resists and escapes his grasp. The sound of their interaction catches the attention of Jahan, who investigates outside. He glares at Jordan, who is busy organizing everything for the wedding. At the same time, Dharmendra engages in a phone conversation with someone. Jordan pretends to enjoy wearing the Shehara, prompting Jahan’s disapproving gaze. Jordan discreetly signals something to Lucky. Perplexed, Ilahi questions Jahan about his anger towards Jordan, noticing his nervousness. Ilahi realizes that despite their impending marriage, Jahan is hiding something from her. Concerned, she inquires about his troubles. Jahan confides in her, stating that he suspects Jahan’s intentions are not pure and that he harbors ulterior motives. Ilahi insists that this is not the case, claiming that Jahan’s actions stem from guilt. She acknowledges that he may be eccentric but believes he genuinely regrets his past mistakes.

Curious, Jahan asks Ilahi if she understands what his obsession is. He reveals that she is his obsession and that he loves her deeply. His mother once told him that he would do anything for his obsession. Jahan expresses his relentless efforts to draw closer to Ilahi. In response, Ilahi suggests that she mistakenly assumes they are in a relationship, emphasizing that Jordan clarified the situation to her. She even went to Ilahi’s house to apologize for the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Mahi advises Jordan not to lose his temper in any circumstance. Mehtha informs his parents about some good news—finding Baljeet’s whereabouts. This news brings joy to the family, but Mahi is taken aback, fearing that her plans will be ruined if Jahan contacts Baljeet. She is determined to prevent Baljeet from discovering Jahan’s true identity as his son. Mahi asks Mehtha to call Baljeet after their grandmother takes her medicine. Overwhelmed with excitement to make the contact, she refuses to take her medicine.

Ilahi informs Jahan that Mahi desires to separate herself from Jordan, which is why she behaves strangely. However, Jordan continues to treat her as a friend. Jahan attempts to persuade Mahi, but she urges him not to become agitated, assuring him that everything will be fine. Unfortunately, Mehtha is unable to reach Baljeet, causing Grandma to become emotional. Mahi puts on a facade of comfort for Grandma. Ilahi expresses her happiness with Amardeep and mentions that she would have been even happier if Diljhot were present. Ilahi plans to bring Diljhot back after the wedding. In the meantime, Dolly informs Jahan that they have obtained the tickets. Mahi advises the detective not to uncover the sender’s identity, emphasizing the importance of bringing the tickets back to India. Dolly and Baljeet share their joy with Jahan and inform him that they need to pack their belongings. Jordan approaches Jahan, and Jahan informs him that he needs to discuss something important.

[Episode End]

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