Junooniyatt 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Jahan confessing to Ilahi that he indeed organized this race for her. However, he claims that she is not being truthful. Mahi steps in and asserts that she will reveal the truth. Ilahi is not Jahan’s true love; he simply wanted to take away Jordan’s happiness. Jahan is well aware of the deep affection Jordan has for Ilahi, and he himself is madly in love with her. Ilahi is nothing more than a plaything to him. Mahi confronts Jahan, stating that he is using Ilahi as a means to separate her from Jordan. She never expected him to stoop so low, and she will not forgive him for sending her son to jail.

Jahan pleads with her to stop blaming him once again, reminding her that she had previously claimed Jordan was obsessed with Ilahi. Perhaps Mahi’s actions are driven by a desire to unite Jordan with Ilahi. However, she fails to comprehend that Ilahi does not love Jordan; she is merely an object of obsession for him. Jahan insists that she should not manipulate the situation in such a manner.

Jahan demands a valid reason from Mahi as to why he should snatch Jordan’s happiness away. He insists that she provide him with a legitimate justification. Ilahi claims that she loves Jahan, considering it to be reason enough. Jahan, however, doubts her words and removes himself from the situation. Mahi interjects, urging them to stop. She tells Ilahi that she can provide a reason for Jahan’s hatred towards him.

Jahan refuses to listen, dismissing her explanation as a fabricated story. Amardeep, on the other hand, encourages Mahi to continue speaking, assuring her that he is willing to hear her out. Mahi reveals that Jahan’s parents were the ones who sent him to this place and provided him with training. Jahan’s anger flares up, questioning how she dares to raise her voice against his parents. He challenges her knowledge of his parents, but Mahi asserts that she understands them better than he does. She confesses her deep hatred for Jahan’s parents, and Jahan, in turn, despises Jordan because he is his brother.

The revelation leaves Jahan shocked, as he realizes that his life and future have been ruined. His arrival at this point was solely driven by that realization.

His brother possesses everything in his life. She presents his family photographs to him, leaving everyone shocked by what they see. Mahi states that this is the reason he despises Jordan, further disclosing that Baljeet is Mehta’s brother. Jahan inquires if Jordan is his brother, to which Mahi confirms his awareness of this truth. He understands why his parents left India and why they are here. Jahan realizes that they have betrayed his family, recalling the moments spent with his grandparents. Amardeep asks Jahan if they are his parents, and Mahi explains that they were scammed in India and fled to Canada. Jahan remembers confronting his parents in the past, seeking the truth, but Dolly made him promise not to inquire further. Mahi portrays his parents as dishonest and humiliates them. She reveals that her husband worked hard to rebuild their business, and they sent Jahan back to take revenge on his parents.

Ilahi and Amardeep question Jahan about the situation, but he insists that Mahi is lying. He defends his parents, expressing disbelief that they would deceive anyone. Jahan asks Ilahi if she doubts his parents as well, reminding her of the way Mahi treated her. He questions why, if they were scammed, his parents are leading a difficult life in Canada. Jahan shares that he has never seen them leading a happy life there and that they struggle to make ends meet. Overwhelmed with emotions, he explains that if they had money, he wouldn’t have come to India on a scholarship or dreamt of winning the competition. Jahan breaks down in tears, and Ilahi consoles him, while Mahi accuses him of putting on an act and mocks him. Ilahi supports Jahan and Biji and Ginni demand answers from Ilahi regarding the truth she withheld. The relatives engage in gossip, and Dharmendra supports Jahan, trying to convince Amardeep. Amardeep calls for an end to the argument, and Mahi suggests that the police arrested Jordan in front of everyone to provoke discussion.

Later, Mehta brings Jordan back home, and Mahi blames Jahan for Jordan’s imprisonment. She accuses Jahan of manipulating Ilahi into falling in love with him and creating hatred for Jordan. Mahi claims that Jahan is staging this drama to ruin Jordan’s happiness, asserting that Jahan won’t take Ilahi to Canada after the wedding. Jahan defends himself, demanding that Mahi stop and take the blame on him instead. He refuses to allow anyone to speak against his parents. Mahi insists that the truth is harsh for him, but Jahan vows to reveal it. He exposes Mahi’s motives, asserting that she is fulfilling her son’s wishes at the expense of Jahan’s life and is driven by Jordan’s obsession. Jordan reveals to Mehta that Mahi attended Jahan’s wedding and discloses that Jahan is his brother, Baljeet’s son. Ilahi declares her love for Jahan and expresses her disregard for his relationship with Mehta’s family, affirming her decision to marry him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amardeep will address Jahan, emphasizing the importance of proving oneself when truth is on their side. He states that unless Jahan can successfully demonstrate his innocence, Amardeep will proceed with his decision to give his daughter to the person he has chosen for her. Upon hearing this, Ilahi embraces Jahan, conveying support and comfort. Meanwhile, Mahi observes the interaction with a sly smirk on her face.

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