Junooniyatt 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ilahi informing Jordan that Jahan might go to pick up his parents from the airport. Jordan attempts to persuade her that he left her, but Ilahi maintains her trust in Jahan. She expresses that Jahan had treated her as a friend before confessing his love for her. Jordan retorts that Ilahi is his friend, and he can’t bear to see her in such a state. He confesses his love for her, but Ilahi firmly demands him to leave, refusing to accept him. Biji instructs the wedding decorators to leave as there won’t be a wedding anymore. Jordan asserts that Ilahi is unwilling to acknowledge the truth. He reminds her that Jahan had signed the contract and had no intention of participating in the competition or loving her. He left India. Jordan recalls the manner in which he deceitfully manipulated the contract. He manipulates Ilahi against Jahan, claiming that he came to seek revenge. Feigning an apology, he evokes memories of their moments together, making Ilahi conflicted. Jordan feels remorseful for betraying her, but he had to do it to get closer to her.

Meanwhile, Husna informs Amardeep that Ilahi and Jahan are nowhere to be found. Amardeep is shocked and refuses to believe that Ilahi would do such a thing. He is devastated upon seeing Ilahi’s distressed state. Amardeep questions Ilahi about what happened to her, and she collapses on the floor.

In his anger, Amardeep interrogates Ilahi about Jahan’s whereabouts. Jordan arrives at the scene, and Husna accuses him of being responsible for everything. Amardeep clenches his fists in anger. Ginni, thinking that the real groom has arrived, confronts Jordan and he reveals that Jahan has left India. He shows a video as evidence to everyone.

Meanwhile, Grandma shares her grief with her husband, who questions whether she believes their son is capable of betraying them. He urges her to trust them and not break their trust. Grandma confesses that she felt a connection with Jordan and wonders why he went to Canada. Grandpa assures her that the truth will be revealed soon.

Amardeep vows not to leave Jordan alone, declaring that he has said enough. Dharmender reveals that Jordan left his phone at his house, suggesting that there must be a reason behind it. Dharmender recounts how Jordan had been pleading with Jahan just minutes before. Ginni comments that Jordan takes after his parents.

Later, Varun’s wife blames Ilahi for everything, asserting that she, being a middle-class girl, tried to trap both of them for her own benefit. She advises Varun to find a wealthy girl for himself. Varun assures her that he will talk to Ilahi.

Happy brings the priest to the scene. Amardeep blames him for arranging the wedding in such a short time, refusing to take responsibility for the groom’s disappearance. Jordan pretends to support Amardeep when the neighbors gossip about them. Ilahi’s wedding has been halted twice, and nobody seems interested in marrying her. Amardeep defends Ilahi, lashing out at the neighbors and taking a stand for her.

Biji inquires Amardeep about how he plans to silence everyone’s criticism. She reminds him that it was his mistake to arrange Ilahi’s wedding against her will. Amardeep pleads with Biji to stop discussing it further. Ilahi, feeling distressed, walks away from the conversation. She asks Amardeep how they can put an end to the gossip surrounding their situation. Husna embraces Ilahi and offers comfort. Ilahi tells Husna that her heart tells her Jahan wouldn’t deceive her and might be facing some critical circumstances. She urges Husna to find a way to communicate with Jahan and suggests calling his mother, but her number is switched off.

Meanwhile, a police officer questions a nurse about the arrival of their relatives. Ilahi breaks down in tears. Jordan intervenes, preventing Amardeep from destroying things in anger. Ilahi rushes to the scene to protect Amardeep. Mahi arrives and assures them that nothing bad will happen to her daughter. Mahi pretends to stand up for Ilahi and blames Jahan for their current state. Ginni argues that this issue doesn’t concern a wealthy family like theirs and claims that nobody will marry Ilahi. Biji asks who would marry Ilahi then, and Mahi responds by saying that Jordan deeply loves Ilahi and never lies. She emphasizes Jordan’s respectable family background and thanks Biji for accepting Ilahi as her daughter-in-law. Mahi pretends to support Biji’s decision.

Mahi expresses understanding for their situation and states that Ilahi is like her own daughter. She insists that Ilahi deserves a better life. Jordan tries to interject, but Mahi asks him to make the decision for Ilahi, highlighting that he should consider his friendship and how it would hurt to see her cry. Jordan denies having the authority to make such a decision without Ilahi’s consent. Biji assures Mahi that Ilahi will undoubtedly marry Jordan and has been given another chance. Biji attempts to convince Amardeep to agree to this wedding, but Ilahi refuses. Jordan reassures Ilahi not to worry, as this wedding won’t happen without her permission. He expresses his patience and emphasizes their everlasting friendship, suggesting they could also be good life partners. He empathizes with the pain Ilahi has experienced and doesn’t want to see her in tears. Ilahi runs away from the situation. Mahi urges Amardeep to make Ilahi understand and shares her grief with Diljhot. Ilahi seeks solace by embracing Husna and bursting into tears.

Amardeep makes every effort to convince Ilahi to marry Jordan. She questions him if he has forgotten about their mother since she left. Amardeep insists it’s different, but Ilahi reminds him of the pain they experienced together. He requests her to marry Jordan as she promised to listen to him. Amardeep explains that he did everything according to her wishes, but she eloped. Reluctantly, Ilahi agrees to marry Jordan. Mahi and Jordan celebrate their triumph. Jordan persuades his grandparents to accept this union. Mahi claims that Ilahi, being a traditional girl, is a suitable match for their family. The grandfather advises Mahi to at least talk to Mehtha about it, to which she assures him that Mehtha has no issues with the marriage. The grandfather commends their decision.

Ilahi is surprised to find the same wedding lehenga she had chosen coming from Jordan’s family. She hears a flute playing and rushes outside. Husna informs her that Jahan is not present. Ilahi feels hurt when she sees Jordan’s friends discarding a banner. She removes the gift Jahan gave her from her neck. Meanwhile, Jahan arrives in Canada.

Mahi tells Jordan that she fulfilled his wish and expresses her willingness to embrace the things he loves. Meanwhile, Ilahi prepares herself for her wedding. Jahan arrives at the hospital and is shocked to hear that Dolly is fighting for her life. Mahi believes that she prevented Baljeet from returning home, keeping them out of everyone’s lives. Jahan becomes emotional upon witnessing his father’s condition.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan will perform the Grahpravesh ceremony to inaugurate his house, accompanied by Ilahi.

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