Junooniyatt 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jahan approaching Jordan, expressing his desire to discuss something significant. Dharmendra interrupts, announcing the commencement of the Mehandi function. Consequently, Jordan apologizes and excuses himself. Sensing that Jahan’s mind is occupied with something, Jordan contemplates the situation. Later, Jordan applies Mehandi on his hand and sends it to Ilahi. The atmosphere is filled with exuberant dancing during the Mehandi function. Jahan is warmly welcomed by Amardeep, and Ilahi exchanges smiles with him. Jordan reminisces his mother’s advice, emphasizing the need to control his anger in order to win Ilahi’s heart. Determined, he manages to keep his anger in check. Husna remarks that Jordan is fortunate to have her as his sister-in-law and playfully asks him to purchase a diamond ring for her once he emerges victorious in the competition. In the midst of this, Dolly initiates a video call with Jordan, who proceeds to introduce everyone to her. Dolly compliments Ilahi’s beauty, prompting Jordan to playfully tease Jahan. However, the teasing escalates into anger as Jordan grabs Jahan’s collar and questions him about the lehenga, which Jahan reveals is intended for his future wife. Nevertheless, Jordan challenges Jahan, ultimately triumphing in his mission to win Ilahi’s friendship. Ginni informs Jordan about the arrival of his family, prompting him to excuse himself. Suspicious of Jordan’s intentions, Jahan remains resolute, believing that he will not easily give up. The following day marks his wedding to Ilahi, and Jahan is determined not to let Jordan snatch her away from him, as his love for her is unwavering.

Meanwhile, Dolly calls Jordan and engages in conversation with him. Simultaneously, Amardeep extends a warm welcome to Mehtha’s family. Mahi and Biji exchange smiles, while Grandma praises Ilahi’s beauty and impeccable manners. Grandma expresses her happiness for Ilahi and Jahan, considering them a perfect couple. Mahi becomes increasingly frustrated upon hearing these remarks. Amardeep requests Jahan to meet Mehtha’s family, and while Jahan converses with Dolly, he approaches them. Mahi glares at him, recollecting how he had betrayed his parents and sent them away from India. Jahan informs Mehtha’s family that his parents would like to speak with them at some point. Mahi is taken aback by this revelation and realizes that she must intervene. She feigns accidentally dropping the phone, causing the call to disconnect. Apologizing to Jahan, she explains that it was an unintentional mishap. Mehtha insists that Jahan redial the call, but Jahan asserts that the phone is not turned on.

Jahan informs them that they can meet tomorrow, as Jahan says. Upon hearing this, Grandma pleads with Jahan to consider them as his parents. Overwhelmed with joy, Jahan embraces them tightly.Meanwhile, Mahi secretly meets Jordan and confides in him about some plans. Jordan reassures her that he will support her in executing those plans.At the same time, Jahan presents sweets to Jordan’s grandparents. While doing so, he notices Jordan engaged in a phone conversation. Deliberately, Jordan bumps into Jahan, causing a slight collision. Husna, observing the incident, requests Jahan to accompany her. Suspicion arises in Jahan’s mind as he believes that Jordan might be plotting something against him. He checks his pocket, convinced that Jordan has ulterior motives.Later, Amardeep commends Jordan’s character to his grandparents, explaining how Jordan saved him from an accident. This fills his grandfather with immense pride.Curious about Mahi’s plan, Jordan inquires about its details and expresses his desire for everything to go according to her plan. Mahi assures him that it will.Following this, Husna insists that Jahan and Ilahi dance together. Jordan gazes at them with envy, but Mahi holds his hand, trying to calm his anger. Jahan and Ilahi gracefully dance to a romantic song, intensifying Jordan’s jealousy. Husna admires their performance, and she herself delivers a dance performance, captivating everyone’s attention. Ilahi and Jahan enjoy their dance wholeheartedly, further fueling Jordan’s unhappiness. Ginni and Biji join in for a dance, entertaining the crowd. Ilahi and Jahan participate in the dance with them.Meanwhile, Jahan engages in a phone conversation with Dolly, expressing his happiness. He advises them to take some rest. Amardeep consumes the sweets, but suddenly, he experiences chest pain and collapses onto the floor. A state of panic ensues as everyone rushes to his side.

[Episode End]

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