Junooniyatt 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jordan and Ilahi being interviewed by the media. Jordan confidently states that he had always known he would emerge victorious in the competition. The reporter then turns to Ilahi and inquires about her plans for recording a new album song. Overwhelmed with joy, Ilahi rushes towards Amardeep and embraces him. Mahi, feeling annoyed as the media chases after Ilahi while ignoring Jordan, is led away by her manager. Meanwhile, Baljeet surprises Jahan with a brand-new guitar, revealing that they had saved money to gift it to him. Baljeet tells Jahan that music is his passion and mentions how Ilahi and Jahan connected through music. Baljeet requests Ilahi to sing a song for Dolly. In a separate scene, Mahi confronts her manager, questioning the decision to give the next music album contract to Ilahi, despite winning the competition together. She insists that they should sing together and sign the contract as a team. The manager explains that Jordan is primarily a rap singer and had only won with Ilahi’s assistance. They are considering Jahan as the lead singer instead. Enraged, Mahi slaps her manager in frustration. Jahan, in another setting, sings a heartfelt song for Dolly, catching Seerat’s attention, who admires his talent. Mahi, in her frustration, confronts the manager, questioning if money was involved in the decision-making. Observing Ilahi enjoying herself with the family, Mahi grows increasingly agitated. Ilahi envisions Jahan congratulating her with poetic words, while Mahi vows not to allow this to happen. She believes that Jordan will become a prominent figure in the music industry and attributes his success to her efforts. Mahi asserts that she has cleared the path for his destiny. Jahan confides in Baljeet, sharing his emotional pain but expressing his determination to overcome it. Later, Jahan takes excellent care of his parents, tenderly kissing Dolly’s forehead. Jahan works a part-time job to support himself.

The manager commends him for his diligent work. Seerat covertly captures Jahan’s picture. Stealthily, she conceals a piece of chewing gum under the table and departs. Jahan tidies up the table and notices the chewing gum. Seerat believes she has captured a great picture of him, intending to edit and share it on social media. She believes it will make him popular. However, Jahan grabs her hand and insists that she cleans the table, citing the hidden chewing gum as evidence. Seerat argues with him and storms off. Later, Grandma praises Ilahi for her good manners. Jordan engages in a video call with his friends, discussing their preparation for a party. Jordan expresses his happiness with Mahi, mentioning that he will be occupied in the future. He plans to instruct everyone to communicate with his manager, as he intends to collaborate with Ilahi on an album. Mahi advises him not to dream too much and shares some bad news. They have decided to sign a contract with only one person, which Jordan considers unfair. He feels Ilahi deserves the opportunity and can’t sing without her. Mahi contemplates informing him that they have chosen Ilahi.

Ilahi prays to God, wondering if Diljhot remembers her promise. Diljhot believes she does remember and confides in Ilahi about her dilemma. She can’t bear to break Seerat’s heart and is unaware that Seerat is her sister. Mahi tells Jordan to bear in mind that Ilahi is his wife, so he should be able to influence her decisions. If her husband is not taking any action, she shouldn’t either. Mahi is unsure whether they should choose Ilahi or Jordan. Jordan should have prevented her from signing the contract. Jordan asks her to clarify her point. Is she suggesting they chose Ilahi for the next album? Mahi explains that they believe Jordan won because of Ilahi and that his style does not match Ilahi’s. That’s why they have chosen Ilahi over him. Jahan is on the verge of quitting his job.

A few customers recognize Jahan and confirm his identity. They praise his voice and mention that Jahan and Ilahi were a perfect couple. They expected him to be present at the finals. Jahan recalls Jordan’s words about being a praised couple. He realizes that they were indeed a great couple, but someone had cast an evil eye on them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan will deceive Ilahi by claiming that Mahi told him that the management is considering selecting Ilahi for the upcoming music album. However, Jordan asserts that he declined the offer. In the event that Ilahi is chosen, the question arises as to how she will respond. The manager, in turn, will urge Ilahi to seize this opportunity and proceed with signing the agreement.

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