Junooniyatt 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Jahan engulfed in guilt for his inability to assist Baljeet in his time of need, causing tears to stream down his face. Seeraj consoles him, urging him to calm down. Jahan expresses gratitude to her for timely aid and tries to compensate her, but she adamantly refuses, instead requesting him to purchase food for her. Meanwhile, Jordan approaches Ilahi to offer his apologies and seeks her forgiveness. However, Ilahi disregards him. In a moment of distress, Jordan accidentally burns his hand, prompting Ilahi to intervene and prevent further harm. Jordan acknowledges that she hasn’t forgiven him and acknowledges that he is paying the price for his past actions. Consumed by remorse for hurting Ilahi, he admits that he cannot forgive himself. Suspiciously, Ilahi questions whether he is blackmailing her, leading Jordan to cause a scene. Ilahi reassures him that she has indeed forgiven him and deems him to be irrational. Jordan believes that this is what he desired, to forget Jahan, and strives to move on. Meanwhile, Seerat covertly conceals a piece of chewing gum under the table, catching Jahan’s attention. In response, he offers her a tissue to remove it. Subsequently, Jahan notices fireflies nearby and reminisces about his moments with Ilahi. To celebrate their anniversary, the restaurant serves them drinks. Jahan drinks alongside Seerat, who anticipates that he will share his love story with her.

In a separate instance, Jordan apologizes to Ilahi, assuring her that he has not forgotten anything. He implores her to let go of the past and focus on their competition. Ilahi pleads with him not to hurt her. Suddenly, Jordan proposes to her, acknowledging the peculiarity of his words. He suggests they win the competition together and embark on a new life. He questions if she perceives him as mad but insists that she is his lucky charm. He passionately declares that as long as she is by his side, no force can separate them. He exclaims that she is his good luck charm. Seerat feigns drinking with Jahan and asks if he can see his beloved. Encouraging him to concentrate, she reminds him of his objective. In Jahan’s imagination, Ilahi materializes before him, prompting him to approach her. Seerat is taken aback witnessing Jahan recite poetry while under the hallucination.

Seerat suggests to Jahan that his first love might still be waiting for him. Jahan reminisces about Ilahi’s wedding and tells Seerat that Ilahi had promised to wait for him. He confides in her, sharing his sorrowful past. Jahan explains that first love remains eternally in our hearts; it’s an undeniable truth. He admits that he can forget to breathe but cannot remove Ilahi from his heart. Seerat consoles him, preventing him from falling into despair. While remembering Ilahi, he sings, and Seerat and the others appreciate his heartfelt performance.

Meanwhile, Jordan expresses to Ilahi that she will have a fresh start once she wins the competition. Ilahi responds, uncertain of her victory, stating that all she wants is to see her father happy. Jordan assures her that he will make her wish come true and promises to support her in all her dreams. Ilahi recalls Jahan’s promise to her, and Mahi overhears it.

Jahan confides in Seerat about his grief. Jordan kisses Ilahi’s hand, which frustrates Mahi upon hearing it. Jordan acknowledges Ilahi’s anger and promises not to hurt her anymore. He declares himself as a friend who will stand by her through all her pains and problems. He asks Ilahi to be his friend, and she agrees, shaking his hand. Mahi seethes at their interaction, believing that Jordan shouldn’t fall in love with Ilahi. She fears that all his dreams will be shattered, and she would leave him if it happens. She brought Ilahi for a specific purpose and cannot allow Jahan to pursue Ilahi and ruin his life.

Seerat escorts Jahan to her car, assisting him in getting inside and fastening his seatbelt. She realizes the pain he is in and resolves not to let Jahan waste his life on a married woman.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ilahi will ponder over the reason why Amardeep hasn’t been contacted yet. Mahi, on the other hand, will be filled with thoughts about how she might jeopardize her own happiness.

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