Imlie 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Reyansh arriving at Imlie’s location, brandishing a gun. He mercilessly fires a shot, hitting her hand, but she miraculously manages to evade him. In the meantime, Reyansh relentlessly searches for her while Rana and his wife, Kairi, express how much they’ve missed her. Anu questions Chini about why she left Arto near Imlie, implying that he will be enamored by her actions and welcome her back into his life. However, Chini vehemently opposes this notion, determined to prevent it from happening.

Chini justifies her actions by stating that she intended to safeguard herself and Kairi, which is why she promptly informed the police after leaving the scene. Arto regains consciousness, and Imlie expresses her gratitude to God for his recovery. She concludes that Arto is content with their separation, and therefore, she won’t intrude upon his life any longer. Observing the arrival of the police, she discreetly withdraws from the area. Shivani frets about the fate of Kairi at the hands of her kidnapper.

Anu suggests implicating Imlie as the kidnapper and instructs Shivani to take her name. Rudra interjects, pointing out that the police have already apprehended Reyansh and Mr. Mehta, and there is no trace of Imlie anywhere. Anu insists that Imlie fled in fear of arrest after learning of Chini’s heroic act in saving Kairi. Devika agrees with Anu’s perspective, but Rudra dismisses her, highlighting the lack of evidence to support the claim that Imlie is the kidnapper. Anu maintains her stance by emphasizing that Imlie’s absence from the house is the most compelling proof. Arto returns home, and Devika joyfully embraces him. She proceeds to perform an aarti for him, and Kairi urges her to perform one for herself as well. Arto inquires about Imlie’s whereabouts, but Devika confesses her ignorance on the matter.

Arto offers his sincere apologies to Kairi for failing to come to her rescue. However, Kairi reassures him, revealing that Imlie and Chini came to her aid disguised as jokers. Anu interjects, claiming that Kairi is mistaken since the kidnappers were the ones dressed as jesters. She explains that Chini wore the costume to save Kairi. Unfortunately, Chini deceives everyone by falsely accusing Imlie of hindering her rescue efforts. Kairi finds it hard to believe and Arto, too, recollects catching a glimpse of Imlie and firmly believes that she couldn’t be responsible for such actions. In truth, Reyansh’s insecurities about his career led him to carry out the kidnapping.

Chini asserts that Imlie is also insecure about their marriage and conspired with Reyansh. Overhearing the conversation, Dhairya and Imlie confront the situation. Dhairya questions Chini about risking her own life to save an ungrateful sister like herself, accusing her of lacking basic humanity. Even Arto fails to value Imlie’s worth. He decides to reveal the truth to everyone, but Imlie intervenes and urges Dhairya to stop. She holds onto hope that Chini will change her ways someday.

Chini is distraught by her own deceitful actions, realizing that she has fallen back into her old pattern of playing games and lying. Anu advises Chini to use her intellect, warning her that if the truth is exposed, Imlie might snatch Arto away from her. Imlie, disguised as Paty, explains to Dhairya that she is doing so because Imlie is not allowed to enter the Rana House. She takes on the role of Paty for Kairi’s sake, as she believes that Arto and Chini should marry for the sake of Kairi’s future. She is willing to endure anyone’s anger, but she wants to ensure that Kairi doesn’t bear the burden of being considered an illegitimate child.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto stood on the brink of evicting Dhairya from the house, but Imlie swiftly intervened, halting his intentions. Firmly, she proclaimed that Dhairya was her intended life partner, rendering him immune to any eviction attempts. Both Arto and Chini were taken aback, left in a state of utter disbelief upon learning this revelation.

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