Imlie 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Paty assuring Devika that her son will return soon. She draws a parallel between Devika and her own mother. Paty emphasizes the importance of not accusing the wrong person, as it might allow the true culprit to escape. She takes responsibility for looking after Kairi, acknowledging that they are all disturbed by the situation. Devika agrees, and Chini volunteers to search for Imlie. Paty realizes that her disguised appearance will allow her to stay close to Kairi while discreetly searching for Arto without any hindrance.

Meanwhile, Kairi becomes upset as neither Imlie nor Arto have visited her yet. Paty suggests a game and gives Kairi two dolls with the faces of Arto and Imlie. She encourages Kairi to play with them and leaves to get her a milkshake. On the other hand, Anu and Chini start distributing wanted posters of Imlie. However, Rudra and Dhairya object, stating that Imlie is incapable of such actions against Arto. Dhairya points out that her guilt has not been proven. Chini questions why Imlie disappeared then, but Dhairya is confident that she is out searching for Arto. Anu and Rudra engage in a heated argument about creating more posters against Imlie. Anu urges Rudra to put more effort into finding their son, while Rudra asserts that Imlie is now their daughter. Devika supports Anu’s suggestion of spreading more posters.

Rudra departs, and Dhairya firmly declares his unwavering support for Imlie. Overhearing their conversation, Imlie becomes emotional and sheds tears, believing that even Devika has lost faith in her. Catching sight of Imlie crying, Rudra approaches her and inquires about the reason behind her distress. Imlie confesses that she is saddened by the pain she sees in their lives. Grateful for Reyansh’s significant assistance in finding Arto, Devika expresses her appreciation towards him. Paty kindly serves tea to everyone, but Kia takes the opportunity to speak negatively about Imlie. Shivani intervenes and Paty playfully suggests giving more biscuits to Kia. Reyansh pretends to be shocked upon learning about Imlie’s alleged kidnapping of Arto. He also mentions the existence of footage but conceals the fact that an hour of it is missing. Suspicious of Reyansh, Imlie decides to earn his trust to uncover the truth. Reyansh excuses himself to make a phone call to his accomplice, disclosing that everyone suspects Imlie instead of him. Paty startles him with her sudden arrival, causing him to become nervous and drop his phone. The voices from the phone catch the attention of the Rana family, who question Reyansh about it. To protect Reyansh, Imlie fabricates a lie, claiming that he is only spreading Arto’s news through the media to facilitate his speedy recovery. Later, Reyansh interrogates Paty in the car, asking her what she wants from him. Paty reveals her desire for money, and Reyansh offers to fulfill her request. Refusing to disclose Arto’s whereabouts, he advises her to wait for the right moment. Imlie sees through Reyansh’s cunning lies and considers him a smart deceiver. Dhairya encounters Imlie and discovers her true identity, realizing that she is not Paty. Meanwhile, Ginni informs everyone that Arto’s fans have started trending hashtags in an effort to locate him. The Rana family prays for Arto’s safe return, while Kairi wonders why Arto and Imlie are engaged in a game of hide and seek with her. Chini assures her that their father will return soon. Suspicion arises in Chini’s mind when she spots Dhairya and Paty together.

[Episode End]

Precap : Reyansh cunningly ensnares both Imlie and Kairi as they embark on their quest to locate Arto. The sudden turn of events leaves Imlie astounded, her shock reverberating through her being.

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