Imlie 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with Kairi noticing that Devika appears angry, while Kia seems upset as well. Arto approaches Devika, attempting to engage her by suggesting they play games together. Kairi expresses her concern over the sadness on the faces of the Rana family and expresses her desire to uplift their spirits. To lighten the mood, Arto starts singing the “Galti Se Mistake” song, prompting everyone to join in dancing for Kairi’s amusement. Delighting in the moment, Kairi finds herself face to face with Arto and Imlie. However, Arto deliberately avoids acknowledging Imlie’s presence. Imlie confides in Dhairya, stating that if her daughter were alive, she too would have experienced immense joy like Kairi. Dhairya observes the same kind of happiness radiating from Imlie whenever she sees Kairi. Meanwhile, a child inadvertently throws a play disc at Imlie, but Dhairya swiftly catches it before it reaches her. Arto and Chini take notice of this incident, and Arto becomes envious, never anticipating that Imlie would hurt him in this manner. Moved by Kairi’s spirit, she expresses her desire to continue dancing. Rudra remarks that they are tired, but Kairi overhears an announcement for a quiz competition and expresses her eagerness to participate. She implores Imlie to allow her to take part. Kairi astonishes everyone with her accurate answers, ultimately emerging as the winner. As a reward, she receives a teddy bear, and the principal commends her sharp intellect. The onlookers begin to assume that Kairi is Imlie’s daughter, yet Arto interjects, proclaiming her as his own. Despite his intentions to take Kairi away, she fervently prays to Sita Maiya, beseeching her not to leave.

The principal approached Arto, praising Kairi’s exceptional talent and assuring him that she could secure admission to their prestigious school. Furthermore, she emphasized that Kairi would receive a scholarship, exempting them from paying any fees. Meanwhile, at Rana House, Devika expressed her disappointment with Arto for considering leaving without considering Kairi’s promising future. She firmly believed that Kairi deserved to be enrolled in a renowned educational institution. Arto countered by stating that a good student could thrive in any school.

Imlie interjected, advising Arto to take Kairi to Goa but cautioning that she wouldn’t receive the love and support of her own family there. Arto passionately argued that both he and Chini loved Kairi dearly, denying Imlie’s accusation of being a neglectful parent. Imlie countered by asserting that he should not jeopardize Kairi’s future due to his personal grudges. Arto retorted that he was leaving because of Imlie; otherwise, he would have stayed to ensure Kairi received the love of a complete family.

Devika proposed a solution to the predicament. She presented divorce papers and urged Arto to sign them, suggesting that divorcing Imlie would save him from losing his family once again because of her. Shivani questioned Devika’s motives, wondering why she wanted to separate Arto and Imlie. Devika insisted that her intention was to protect Arto and prevent any further harm caused by Imlie. She emphasized the urgency, imploring Arto to consider Kairi’s well-being and sign the papers. Devika also managed to persuade Imlie to agree to the divorce. Imlie declared that their relationship had died when Arto faked his death, and now it was time for her to move on as well. Arto was stunned upon hearing this revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie suggests to Arto that if he truly loves her, he should consider marrying Chini. Arto agrees to her suggestion, and Imlie expresses her desire to witness whether he has genuinely moved on.

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