Imlie 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Imlie being taken aback by the sight of the photo of Kairi that she had made. In the midst of this, a house helper discovers Kairi sleeping behind the idol and questions her about who she came with. Kairi points towards some women, leaving the helper perplexed. Suddenly, Kairi vanishes again, expressing gratitude to Sita Maiya for her assistance. Imlie finds herself unable to cease thinking about Kairi, perhaps because she is Arto’s daughter. She recollects that Chini is Kairi’s mother and admonishes herself to control her emotions. The police remark on her enduring trauma, as she had supposedly lost her daughter at birth, and question how she managed to sketch a picture of her grown-up self.

They request Imlie to seek guidance from a psychiatrist. In response, Imlie expresses her firm belief that Kairi is still alive, urging them to focus on their responsibilities rather than questioning her. They ask Imlie for a picture of Kairi, but she hesitates, stating that the resemblance is too striking and she cannot hand it over to the police just yet. She leaves, assuring them that she will return later. Meanwhile, Kairi yearns for her mother.

Arto contacts the police station and instructs them to circulate Kairi’s pictures throughout Goa in hopes of locating her. Concerned, he mentions that Kairi is too young to leave Goa, but the cop warns that she could still be susceptible to kidnapping. Arto becomes anxious upon hearing this, but Chini reassures him, reminding him that the police are doing their best.

Arto departs to meet someone, leaving Chini anxious and reflecting on how her life was stable before Imlie’s arrival, but now everything seems chaotic. Anu calls Chini and insists that she return to Delhi after eavesdropping on her conversation with Arto. Arto considers Chini solely as Kairi’s caretaker. Chini complains that Anu hasn’t changed at all and mentions that Arto has already apologized to her, though Anu failed to acknowledge it. Chini believes that family members should never abandon each other during difficult times. Anu anticipates that Chini will soon require her assistance. Her friends from the kitty party show her Divya’s social media post about footprints of a child. Anu wonders whose footprints they are in the Rana House and decides to visit the house to investigate if Kairi is there.

When Imlie returns home, Shivani informs her that there is no more Prasad left. Devika remarks that Imlie doesn’t have time to attend their house puja. Dhairya interjects, saying that Imlie has every right to participate in the ritual. Imlie retorts, expressing her frustration at being kept in the dark and lied to. She decides that she won’t keep Devika in the dark either and intends to reveal everything to her. However, Rudra intervenes, reminding Imlie that Devika has suffered heart attacks in the past. He pleads with her not to disclose anything to Devika and swears her to secrecy. Imlie becomes upset but soon notices two children playing. She suspects that one of them might be Kairi, but upon closer inspection, she realizes it’s not her. The mother of the child engages in conversation with Imlie, triggering thoughts about how her own daughter might look. Meanwhile, Kairi remembers hiding in a room upon seeing Imlie.

Kairi secretly observes all the family members, trying to figure out who her mother could be. She becomes confused and retreats back to her hiding spot in the room. She ponders how she will recognize her mother. Imlie, missing her daughter, talks to Kairi’s sketch. Arto prays to God, questioning if it was his fault that his daughter was taken away from him. He wonders why Kairi should suffer as a consequence. Chini notices his emotional state. On the other hand, Kairi prays for the happiness and unity of her family. Suddenly, Imlie catches a glimpse of Kairi’s reflection in the mirror, leaving her shocked. At the same time, Chini receives a video on her phone and exclaims, “Kairi!” Arto’s attention is drawn to her reaction.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie discovers Kairi’s presence in Rana House and inquires about her purpose there. Arto assumes that Imlie has taken Kairi away from him, prompting him to express his intention of reclaiming his daughter by visiting Rana House.

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