Imlie 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Imlie’s ears catching Kairi’s voice, leaving her wondering about Kairi’s whereabouts. In the meantime, a group of children taunt and provoke two barking dogs, causing them to chase after the kids. Chaos ensues as people start running in every direction. Amidst the commotion, Imlie spots the dogs making their way towards a magic show. Concerned, she follows them inside while Kairi continues calling out for her mother. Fearful of the dogs, Kairi expresses her anxiety to Imlie, who reassures her that she will find her soon.

Eventually, Imlie locates Kairi and the two are reunited. Kairi questions why Imlie came to her, as she had specifically called for her mother. Arto arrives and asserts that Imlie is indeed Kairi’s mother. Overjoyed by this revelation, Kairi expresses her happiness but also criticizes Arto for not being a good mother. She decides not to return to him, blaming him for keeping her away from her mother. Arto pleads with her to come back, but she adamantly refuses. Suddenly, Arto wakes up in shock at the airport and desperately calls out for Kairi. Startled, Chini notices his distress.

Anu informs Chini about Kairi’s disappearance and reveals that Imlie had visited their house accompanied by the police. Surprised, Chini questions how Imlie found out that Kairi was at Anu’s house. Anu advises Chini to move on and stay away from Imlie and her affairs. Annoyed, Chini abruptly ends the call only to encounter Arto at the same location. Arto questions her presence, to which Chini responds by pointing out that he hadn’t gone to the police station either. Determined to take Kairi away from Imlie, Arto brushes off Chini’s concerns. Meanwhile, Dhairya expresses his worries to Imlie about controlling the aggressive dogs.

The dogs continue to bark ferociously, terrifying Kairi. Seeking protection, she pleads with her mother to save her. Imlie leads Kairi into a dark room and shields her from harm. The owners of the dogs arrive and explain to Dhairya that their behavior was a result of the children’s actions. Realizing she can’t rely on Arto’s assistance in handling Kairi, Imlie decides to instill courage in her daughter by suggesting they pray to Sita Maiya to calm the dogs down. She soothes Kairi by singing a lullaby, miraculously pacifying the dogs and silencing their barks.

The owners are filled with joy, just like a mother who can accomplish anything. Titli encounters Imlie and presents her with a feather, inspired by Imlie’s courageous handling of the dogs. Afterwards, Imlie brings Kairi back to the Rana House. Kairi wonders if Devika will send her back to Goa. Imlie advises her to embrace her grandmother, and Kairi greets everyone warmly. Devika’s happiness knows no bounds upon seeing Kairi. She expresses her desire to meet the parents of such an adorable girl. Imlie can no longer keep it a secret and reveals that Kairi is Arto’s daughter. Just as Imlie is about to disclose the truth, Rudra intervenes and stops her. Later, Devika performs an aarti for Kairi and envisions Arto standing before her. She wonders why she is missing Arto so intensely today and sees his reflection in Kairi. At that moment, Arto enters the Rana House, overcome with emotion, and spots Kairi with Devika. The background music of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” adds to the scene’s impact, leaving Devika in a state of shock upon seeing Arto.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto lodges a complaint against Imlie, accusing her of kidnapping Kairi. As a result, Imlie is arrested, but Kairi pleads with Arto not to have her arrested. Despite Kairi’s plea, Arto informs Imlie that he now harbors only hatred towards her. However, when Imlie departs, Kairi suddenly faints, leaving Arto and Chini shocked by the unexpected turn of events.

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