Imlie 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Imlie recollecting the hurtful words spoken by Arto, who harshly declared his intention to marry Chini and indicated Kairi as a symbol of their love. Overwhelmed with emotions, Imlie finds solace in reminiscing, until Kairi approaches her and questions if she too engaged in deceit. Kairi reveals that Arto had conveyed his feelings of burden after resorting to lies. In response, Imlie assures Kairi that she will share a story with her.

Interrupting their interaction, Arto arrives and instructs Kairi to leave the room, citing her mother’s presence elsewhere. Imlie becomes disheartened by this, while Arto proceeds to make a public announcement to Rana’s family. He reveals his intention to marry Chini at the earliest convenience, acknowledging the discomfort some may have experienced due to their undefined relationship. Arto questions the lack of joy in the faces of those around him upon hearing this news.

Devika extends her congratulations to Arto, while Ginni, though congratulatory, displays a hint of distress. Devika offers prasad to Arto, intending to feed him. Kia suggests that they should genuinely rejoice, rather than feigning happiness. Arto continues his showmanship, particularly in front of Imlie, who tries to exit the situation. In an attempt to feed Imlie prasad, Arto questions her haste and states that if she isn’t happy, she need not consume it. Imlie, however, counters by expressing her willingness to share the prasad with him. She feeds him and advises Chini to wear a smile, stating that she is not someone who would snatch away someone’s rights. Imlie believes that if two people are destined to be together, no one can impede their union.

Imlie gazes at her wedding pictures, and Dhairya inquires about the absence of her smile. Concerned, he urges her to share her pain, but she declines, stating her reluctance. After enduring countless years, she finally feels liberated. Previously known as Arto’s Imlie, she now identifies herself solely as Imlie’s daughter. Her desire is to forge ahead and leave the past behind. However, even if she struggles with the situation, she is confident that Dhairya will always support her. Holding her hand, he assures her of his unwavering presence. Witnessing this, Arto becomes consumed by jealousy.

The following day, during the marriage rituals, Arto searches for Imlie. Chini informs him that she and Dhairya are absent. Chini goes on to mention that Imlie only has Dhairya by her side, while Arto has his entire family supporting him. Chini expresses her satisfaction that Imlie is no longer associated with Kairi. Soon after, Imlie and Dhairya enter the house accompanied by lively music and celebration. Imlie joyfully plays the dhol and approaches Arto and Chini, inviting them to join the festivities.

Arto proudly exhibits his dance skills, accompanied by his entire family, to the tune of the song “Ghani Bawari.” During the tilak ritual, Devika performs Chini’s aarti and wonders who will perform the ritual for Arto. Anu steps forward and offers to do it. However, Imlie intervenes and declares that she will perform Arto’s aarti instead. She asserts her willingness to fulfill all her duties, even planning to playfully steal Arto’s shoes.

[Episode End]

Precap : Chini, accompanied by her family members, carefully selects her bridal attire. In a heartfelt conversation, she expresses to Imlie that it would be best for her to leave the house before the wedding takes place. Chini believes that she doesn’t have to justify or prove herself to anyone.

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