Imlie 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Devika, her eyes filled with disbelief, as she spots Arto standing before her. In the backdrop, the soul-stirring melody of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” tugs at her heartstrings. Overwhelmed with emotions, she turns to her family members and questions whether she’s merely experiencing a hallucination. She seeks confirmation if Arto is truly standing in their presence.

Arto reaches out to his mother, prompting her to rush towards him. In an embrace that speaks volumes, Devika breaks down, her tears flowing freely. She implores Arto to explain where he had been for the past five years and why he never returned. Curiosity piqued, she turns to Imlie, eager to know how she feels upon seeing Arto after such a long separation. Imlie remains silent while Kairi rushes excitedly into Arto’s arms. Devika, deeply moved, embraces them both, her heart filled with joy.

In a surprising turn of events, Chini also arrives at the Rana House and lovingly cradles Kairi in her arms. They express their longing for each other, sharing how much they’ve missed their bond. Devika, taken aback by this scene, questions Imlie about the situation, yearning for an explanation.

Recognizing Kairi’s exhaustion, Imlie sends her off to rest in her room. Seizing the opportunity, she attempts to have a conversation with Devika about the truth. Devika, however, confronts her, wondering if she had already been aware of Arto’s survival. She discovers that Rudra, too, had been privy to the information about Arto and Chini. Disappointed and hurt, Devika breaks down, shedding tears of anguish. Rudra steps forward, explaining that they had only recently learned the truth.

Devika expresses her distress, having spent years mourning her son while they seemingly neglected to disclose the truth to her. She removes the garland from Arto’s photo, symbolizing her pain and disappointment. Seeking answers, she questions Imlie about her reasons for concealing the truth from everyone. Imlie responds, confessing that she believed Devika wouldn’t be able to accept the truth. Confusion shrouds Devika as she wonders why Imlie had thought that way.

Rudra interjects, assuring Devika that Imlie is not at fault; rather, Arto bears the responsibility. He suggests that she direct her questions to Arto first. Sensing the tension in the room, Shivani queries Arto about his whereabouts over the past years and his connection to Chini. Ginni also demands an explanation, questioning why he caused them pain. Kia, displaying empathy, opines that there must be a valid reason for Arto’s prolonged absence from their lives.

Arto remains silent, and Devika asserts her right to question him first. She believes that he shouldn’t explain anything in front of those who don’t care about his existence. Leading him to a room, she confronts him about the fact that he used to share every small detail with her since childhood, so why did he hide such a significant thing? She questions why he didn’t come back and mentions how Dhairya took his place in the house, filling his void. She expresses that nobody supported him or waited for him, leaving him with no reason to return home. Devika suggests that he could have at least returned for his mother’s sake. Embracing him, she conveys her disappointment. Meanwhile, Chini showers kisses on Kairi and asks if she’s alright. Curiously, she questions Kairi about her purpose of coming to this place. Kairi explains that she came to Delhi with Imlie to search for her mother. Chini bluntly confesses that she didn’t miss Kairi at all.

Devika argues that Arto could have harmed her before carrying out all these actions. Arto embraces her, assuring her that he never intended to hurt her. He expresses his joy in becoming a father and responds to her questions about where he stayed for the past five years and whether Chini is Kairi’s mother.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto lodges a complaint against Imlie, accusing her of kidnapping Kairi. As a result, Imlie is apprehended, but Kairi pleads for her release, urging them not to arrest Imlie. However, as soon as Imlie departs, Kairi suddenly faints, leaving Arto and Chini astounded by the unexpected turn of events.

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