Imlie 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Imlie questioning her own perception as she spots Kairi, wondering if she’s experiencing a hallucination. However, her surprise intensifies as she realizes Kairi is indeed present. With a baffled expression, Imlie greets her and asks how she ended up at the Rana House. Kairi explains that she accompanied Imlie to Delhi, leaving Imlie further perplexed since she remembers embarking on the journey alone. Kairi proceeds to recount the entire story, revealing how she boarded the bus with Imlie and arrived at their current location. Imlie, concerned, insists that Kairi should not have taken such a risk. Unbeknownst to Imlie, Kairi conceals the true reason behind her actions – her search for her mother in Delhi. Instead, Kairi fabricates a story about Arto and Chini constantly troubling her, driving her to run away. Sympathetic, Imlie expresses her intention to inform Arto, emphasizing that he must be worried about Kairi’s sudden disappearance. Fearful of her father’s reaction, Kairi implores Imlie to promise not to disclose anything. Deep in thought, Imlie realizes the impossibility of keeping this promise, as the truth must eventually be revealed. Meanwhile, Anu spots the two girls together and discreetly records a video capturing their interaction. Seizing the opportunity, Anu promptly sends the footage to Chini, possibly with ulterior motives.

Chini conceals it from Arto, and he decides to check her phone. Upon doing so, he discovers that Chini is looking at a photo and longing for Kairi. Chini, however, deceitfully lies to him. Arto turns to prayer, beseeching God for Kairi’s safe return. Feeling remorseful, Chini apologizes to Sita Maiya for keeping the truth hidden from Arto, as she fears he might return to the Rana House, which she wishes to avoid. In the meantime, Rudra confides in Dhairya, emphasizing the need for them to be more attentive towards Imlie, who is disheartened by their actions. Imlie believes she has lost her own daughter and cannot allow Chini and Arto to suffer for the same reason. She convinces Kairi by pointing out that Kairi must be missing her parents, just as her parents cannot live without her. Thus, they should inform Kairi’s family. Imlie asks Kairi for Arto’s contact number, but Kairi deliberately provides her with a wrong number, preventing Imlie from reaching out to him. Kairi smiles mischievously and hides when Rudra and Dhairya enter Imlie’s room.

Rudra approaches Imlie, expressing their deep remorse for hiding the truth from her, and earnestly asks for her forgiveness. Dhairya also acknowledges feeling remorseful. However, Imlie becomes distracted by Kairi’s presence and comments on how adorable she is. Rudra inquires about her distractions, and Imlie manages to redirect their attention and forgive them. Grateful, Rudra and Dhairya thank her for accepting their apology. Worriedly, Imlie realizes that Kairi has left the room, causing her to become anxious. Chini contacts Anu, seeking her assistance in retrieving Kairi from the Rana House. Anu questions Chini’s insecurity and suggests sending Arto to Imlie’s place to bring Kairi back. Chini explains the impossibility of such a plan, but eventually convinces Anu to help her. Meanwhile, Kairi arrives at the dining table and feels hungry upon seeing the food.

Imlie warns Kairi to hide, as she could be caught by anyone. Devika nostalgically recalls how Arto used to join them for meals. Seeking safety, Kairi discreetly hides beneath the table while Imlie generously piles food on her plate, surprising Rana’s family. Kairi requests Imlie to feed her, prompting Imlie to sit on the floor and offer an excuse about a yoga teacher advocating such a dining posture for health benefits. Rudra expresses his intention to join Imlie, but she quickly stops him. Devika, witnessing the unfolding drama, decides to leave the table. Imlie helps Kairi fall asleep, and in her slumber, Kairi inquires about Devika’s son mentioned earlier. Imlie explains that his story is lengthy. Eventually, Imlie sings a soothing lullaby to put Kairi to sleep, and as Kairi dozes off, Imlie realizes she has Arto’s contact information from the camp and reflects on the unexpected opportunity to reconnect with him. Filled with anticipation, she proceeds to dial his number.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto finds himself at the police station, questioning, “How could Imlie exploit Kairi in such a manner?” Meanwhile, Imlie notices Kairi’s absence and becomes worried. Frantically searching for her, Imlie suddenly finds herself being whisked away by an unknown individual while she peacefully sleeps.

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