Imlie 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Chini questioning Kairi about whether she missed her at all. Kairi admits that she missed Chini, but her main purpose for being there is to find her mother. Chini suggests that they could also find her mother in Goa. Kairi contemplates this, but insists that her mother is present there. Feeling hungry, she expresses her desire for food, prompting Chini to call someone to bring it for her. Chini informs Kairi that someone special will arrive with delicious food. Meanwhile, Devika approaches Arto and inquires about Chini’s relationship with Kairi, questioning if Chini is Kairi’s mother. Arto deceitfully assures her that Chini is indeed Kairi’s mother. Curious, Devika asks why he moved on with her instead. Arto explains that when he emerged from his coma, Chini took care of him, and upon his return to meet his family, he discovered that everyone had already moved on without him. He reveals that they believed him to be dead. Devika expresses her gratitude towards Chini for bringing back her son and states that she will always be grateful to her. She acknowledges that Kairi possesses good qualities similar to her father’s. Arto privately acknowledges that he cannot reveal to Devika that Kairi inherited her good qualities from her mother, Imlie. Meanwhile, Kairi expresses her gratitude to Imlie for bringing a large amount of food for her. Imlie showers Kairi with love, causing Chini to feel envious upon witnessing their interaction. Anu arrives with food and questions Chini about what she plans to do with it. Anu observes that Kairi is still emotionally attached to Imlie, unaware of the fact that Imlie is her actual mother. Anu predicts that when the truth is eventually revealed, Chini will lose everything. Anu advises Chini to separate Imlie from Kairi. Chini protests, stating that she cannot live without Kairi and Arto. Just then, Rudra enters and defends Chini, allowing her to stay despite her past wrongdoings because she is Kairi’s mother. Anu interjects, claiming that Imlie ran away with Chini’s daughter and insists that Rudra keeps his daughter-in-law away from Kairi. Chini urges Anu to calm down, while Anu warns Rudra. Devika instructs Arto to stay at the Rana House with Chini and Kairi, emphasizing that she won’t allow them to leave after so many years apart.

Arto insists that he is obligated to leave and cannot stay behind. Kairi ponders how she can depart without meeting her mother. She convinces Imlie to inform Arto that she doesn’t want to leave at the moment. In an attempt to prevent Arto from departing, Kairi accompanies Imlie to him. Hastily, Arto steps out and accidentally collides with Imlie. He swiftly catches her, and they share a mesmerizing gaze. Applauding the scene, Kairi remarks how Arto saved Imlie like a hero rescues the heroine in movies. Arto responds, stating that such things only happen in films, not in real life. Kairi discloses that Imlie wishes to speak with him, and Arto expresses his desire to inquire about numerous things as well, though not in that particular place. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, startling everyone as they find police officers standing outside.

Arto claims that Imlie will be arrested for kidnapping her own daughter. Rudra questions his actions, asking why he would do such a thing. Arto retorts that he only spoke to Rudra for the first time when he entered the house, and it was about Imlie. He emphasizes that he cannot risk his daughter’s safety. Rudra, who never bothered to search for his own son, is willing to do anything for his daughter. Despite Imlie’s pleas of innocence, Arto remains silent. Dhairya attempts to reason with Arto, but the latter sternly tells him to be quiet. Imlie contemplates when Arto changed so drastically, to the point of hating her and replacing her with someone else. Kairi adamantly refuses to let go of Imlie, rushing towards her and gripping her hand before she can leave. Arto implores Kairi to release her, but his plea falls on deaf ears.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie holds Arto responsible for granting her position to someone else and consistently favoring others over her from the very start. Devika suggests that they consider getting a divorce.

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