Imlie 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In this episode, Kairi has a dream about a summer camp and wakes up in the middle of the night, curious to see if the real camp looks like her dream. Without telling Chini and Arto, she ventures out and admires the camp from outside. Meanwhile, Imlie entertains the children with a story to help them fall asleep. While Kairi is enjoying the view, two goons attempt to abduct her. Kairi intends to call for help, but Imlie notices that some of the children are still awake and encourages them to sleep. Later, Imlie hears Kairi’s cries and rushes to her aid. However, Kairi falls while trying to escape from the goons and turns to Sita Maiya for help. Imlie arrives just in time to confront the goons and uses a stick to fight them off. Although the goons tell Imlie to leave, she refuses to back down and threatens to beat them up.

Imlie offers reassurance to Kairi that she will be safe, following a security scare during which the perpetrators fled. Meanwhile, a doctor diagnoses Devika with an anxiety attack brought on by stress. Rudra expresses gratitude to Dhairya for his help in taking Devika to the hospital and paying for her medical bills. Kairi asks Imlie if she is Sita Mumma, explaining that her father believes Sita Maiya always protects people and wonders if Imlie might be one of her agents. Imlie clarifies that there is only one Sita Maiya and offers to pick Kairi up for summer camp, waiving her fees due to her love of children. She advises Kairi to always inform her father before leaving and not to complain to him about their arrangement.

After dropping Kairi off at her home, Imlie notices Kairi standing near Arto. Arto sees her too, and Kairi quickly comes up with an excuse. Arto then apologizes for not sending Kairi to summer camp, which leaves Imlie feeling disheartened as she observes their bond. She wishes that Arto were still alive so he could have spent time with his daughter in the same way.

Arto, realizing that Kairi doesn’t need to be mature at such a young age, decides to plead with the director of the summer camp to allow her to attend. The next day, Imlie learns Kairi’s name and decides not to take any fees from her. She believes that children should make as many memories as possible and should be allowed to enjoy their childhood.

Meanwhile, Arto requests to speak with the director about Kairi’s attendance at the summer camp. However, Imlie becomes busy and is unable to speak with him. Another man advises Arto to leave since Imlie is occupied, but Arto leaves a note for her with his request.

The following day, Kairi prepares herself for summer camp and packs her bag. Upon seeing her preparations, Chini inquires about her destination. Kairi responds that Princess Aunty has promised to take her to summer camp for free. Chini expresses surprise upon hearing the mention of Princess Aunty. Just then, Imlie arrives at Kairi’s house wearing a gown and a mask. Upon seeing Imlie’s arrival, Kairi becomes elated and greets her with a smile. [Episode End]

Precap : Imlie expresses affection towards Kairi, prompting Chini to call and inquire about her well-being. However, Kairi expresses resentment towards them for not informing her about Imlie. This revelation leaves Chini and Arto taken aback.

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