Imlie 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Imlie expressing to Arto that he holds no significance in her life. Later that night, both Imlie and Arto feel a sense of longing for each other. Memories of their argument and subsequent divorce resurface, accompanied by the poignant melody of “Mere Tera Naam Dil Rakh Diya” playing in the background. Arto reflects upon his wish that Imlie had halted him from leaving, but acknowledges that she did not take that step. Imlie declares that it is now too late for any resolution between them. As she grasps onto a photo, it slips from her hand and she rushes to catch it. In a twist of fate, Arto and Imlie accidentally collide with each other.

Perplexed, Arto questions why Imlie is searching for excuses to meet him. Imlie retorts, stating that she had no knowledge of him lurking around like a ghost at midnight. She remarks on his penchant for playing hide and seek throughout the years. Arto departs, while Kia advises Chini to promptly marry Arto before the situation slips out of her control. Subsequently, Imlie approaches Kairi, who requests her to narrate a bedtime story. In the midst of this interaction, Arto arrives and confronts Imlie about her reference to him as a ghost. He accuses her of attempting to forge a connection with him once again, utilizing Kairi as a means to do so. Imlie clarifies that it was Kairi’s wish to hear a story from her.

Imlie proceeds to share the story of Arto but renames him Sarto. This irritates him, prompting him to retaliate by sharing Imlie’s story and referring to her as Timli. An argument ensues, with Sarto accusing Imlie of selfishness for not preventing Arto from leaving. In response, Imlie explains that Arto seemed content without his family all these years, while they were the ones crying for him. Chini intervenes and stops their argument, revealing that Kairi has already fallen asleep.

After leaving the room, Imlie discloses that she didn’t want to move to Arto’s room but had to due to Devika’s insistence. Chini expresses her desire to leave, but Sarto stops her, reminding her that someone might see her and suggests she stay in his room. He instructs her to sleep on the bed while he takes the couch. Touched by his gesture, Chini becomes emotional, and Kairi wakes up.

Curious about why they took her to Arto’s room when she was originally sleeping in Imlie’s room, Kairi listens to Chini’s explanation and eventually falls asleep herself. Kairi decides that Imlie will continue the story and goes to sleep in Imlie’s room. The next morning, both Arto and Chini become concerned about Kairi’s whereabouts and start searching for her. Arto refuses to listen to Imlie until she reveals that Kairi is still sleeping in her room. Arto blames Imlie for taking Kairi without his knowledge, while Devika criticizes Imlie for trying to snatch someone’s daughter and showing off by leaving the house. Rudra asks Devika to stop hurting Imlie.

When Kairi appears, she clarifies that Imlie didn’t take her away but rather she went to sleep with Imlie. Imlie defends herself, stating that Arto blamed her unjustly. She adds that it’s Devika and Rudra’s anniversary and she had planned a surprise for them. Everyone extends their anniversary wishes to Devika and Rudra, and Kairi becomes excited upon learning about the celebration. Imlie requests Devika to attend the party for Kairi’s sake, and Dhairya volunteers to select men’s clothing for the occasion.

However, Devika tells Imlie not to make any party arrangements as Arto will handle it. Subsequently, Imlie and Kairi engross themselves in conversation, leaving Chini feeling insecure. She confides in Anu, who suggests that Chini seduce Arto and marry him, creating her own family instead of relying on Kairi. Worried about losing Kairi, Chini expresses that Kairi is her second chance and she cannot let her go. Anu continues trying to persuade her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie advises Arto to consider marrying Chini if he truly loves her. Arto assures her that he will, and Imlie expresses her desire to witness his genuine emotional growth.

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