Imlie 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode starts with Kairi lying on the bed, and Imlie dutifully tending to her. Devika suggests that carom seeds might bring her some comfort. Arto receives a call from the hospital, informing him about Kairi’s reports. He decides to go and collect them, but Rudra intervenes, suggesting that Arto should spend more time with Kairi and that he will retrieve the reports instead. Devika advises Rudra to send the driver, but he insists on taking this opportunity to do something for Kairi. Meanwhile, Arto, overwhelmed with emotion, encounters Imlie and accuses her of feigning concern for Kairi. He recalls how Imlie initially did not want to have Kairi and accuses her of attempting to separate them by kidnapping the child. Imlie refutes these claims, asserting that she had repeatedly informed him that she was not involved in any kidnapping. She also points out that he pretended to be dead for five years, implying that he has no right to lecture her. Arto refuses to engage in further conversation with Imlie, who insists that he owes apologies to Rudra and Devika before apologizing to her, as she has nothing to offer him.

Rudra visits the hospital to inquire about the DNA reports and learns that Kairi’s other reports are normal. He informs Devika about this development. Overjoyed, Imlie decides to share the news with Arto and Chini, but Devika stops her, questioning why she is displaying so much concern when she means nothing to Kairi. Imlie declares that she is like Kairi’s mother, and Kairi herself has granted her the right to love her. Imlie departs to meet Kairi. However, Rudra is left astounded when he discovers from the DNA reports that Chini is Kairi’s biological mother. Frustrated and bewildered, he ponders how his suspicions could have been so wrong. Just then, Arto and Chini arrive at the hospital, recollecting how Arto had overheard Rudra discussing the DNA test on a phone call.

Arto becomes frantic, but Chini reassures him that Rudra will remain oblivious to the truth. They have altered the genuine reports, and Rudra fell for their deception. Arto justifies their lies, claiming they were for Kairi’s well-being, as he believes Imlie doesn’t deserve to be in her life. Chini reflects on her life experiences, understanding that lies are never permanent and will eventually come to light. Arto confidently asserts that Kairi will never be separated from them since they are her true parents.

Meanwhile, Kairi expresses her reluctance to go to Goa to Imlie. In response, Imlie assures her that she will always remain in her heart. Kairi suggests that Imlie wear a locket with her photo, similar to the one she wears for Arto. Imlie reveals her heartfelt desire to Kairi before they part ways.

Later, when Kairi insists on going on a picnic with Rana’s family, Devika agrees to fulfill her wish and convinces Arto to comply. Chini wonders why they can’t leave for Goa with Kairi as soon as possible, feeling a sense of urgency. During the picnic, Kairi joyfully engages in games, and Shivani mentions that Imlie selected this location specifically for her. Arto expresses his desire to return without delay, but Devika questions his abruptness. Arto taunts Imlie, blaming her for the rushed situation, and Devika reluctantly agrees, swayed by his determination. Dhairya engages in a phone conversation that irritates Arto, and Akash playfully teases Kia, calling her “villain aunty” and similar names. Unexpectedly, Devika presents divorce papers for Imlie and Arto, shocking Rudra. Just as Arto wanted to reunite Dhairya and Imlie, Devika aims to label the unnamed relationship between Chini and Arto as well.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie accuses Arto of replacing her with someone else and consistently favoring others over her from the very start. Devika suggests that they consider getting a divorce.

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