Imlie 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Chini intercepting Arto as he attempts to call Imlie. She informs him that Imlie didn’t answer the call and interprets it as a sign from destiny that Imlie should remain unaware of Kairi’s truth. Chini asserts that Imlie doesn’t deserve to know about Kairi, and therefore, they should refrain from disclosing anything to her. Arto and Chini proceed to the reception area and request the management to inform Imlie about the need for blood donation without disclosing the identity of the child. They express concern that Imlie may refuse to donate blood unless her curiosity is piqued. Meanwhile, Imlie receives a call from the hospital and promptly rushes there to donate blood. Initially, she considers informing Rudra about her whereabouts but ultimately changes her mind, assuming that Rudra might be out with his family. Chini believes that the problem has been resolved, ensuring that Imlie remains oblivious to the fact that she is donating blood for Kairi.

As Imlie lies in bed, she senses a strange familiarity with the child. Curious, she inquires about the child’s well-being from a nurse, expressing her heartfelt wishes for the child’s speedy recovery. In the midst of her concern for the unknown child, Imlie also longs for her own daughter. Kia advises Akash to adopt a pretense, urging him to act convincingly. She confides in Devika, stating that everyone is making efforts to save Kairi, except Imlie. Shivani questions Kia, wondering why she constantly harbors animosity towards Imlie. Kia defends herself, highlighting that not everyone is as understanding as Akash, who endured Rudra’s criticisms without questioning him. Kia speculates that Imlie’s apparent negligence stems from the fact that she stands to inherit property and hence can afford to be careless. Devika concurs with Kia’s perspective.

Arto gazes at Imlie from outside and expresses his belief that she aspires to be great, but he feels she has failed to become a good mother. He harbors an unforgiving sentiment towards her because she had chosen not to give birth to Kairi. After Imlie donates blood, she attempts to enter Kairi’s ward to catch a glimpse of her. Arto and Chini notice her and promptly notify the nurse to prevent Imlie from meeting Kairi. The nurse halts Imlie, explaining that such a meeting is not allowed. Chini explains that they are acting in Kairi’s best interest. Arto, however, feels that something about the situation doesn’t sit right with him. He acknowledges that, regardless of the circumstances, the truth remains unchanged— Imlie is Kairi’s mother. Imlie questions why Rana’s didn’t inform her if they went out with Chini. At that moment, Dhairya notices her and informs her about Kairi’s condition. Overwhelmed, Imlie feels immense stress and hastens to see Kairi.

The doctor delivers the news to the Rana family that Kairi is now in stable condition. The doctor advises them to express gratitude to the donor. Curious, they inquire about the source of the donor. Arto and Chini choose to remain silent. Imlie arrives, and Arto instructs her to leave the hospital since Kairi is now recovering. Imlie, relieved, expresses her gratitude to God, but Devika chastises her for what she perceives as Imlie’s theatrical behavior. Arto begins to question whether he made a mistake by withholding the truth from Imlie. Imlie converses with Dhairya, causing Arto to worry that she may eventually leave Dhairya as well. He obstructs Imlie’s path, preventing her from seeing Kairi. Imlie questions his constant arguments with her and asserts her special bond with Kairi. She adamantly states that he cannot prevent her from meeting her own child. Dhairya intervenes, advising Arto to treat Imlie with respect. Arto derogatorily refers to Dhairya as Imlie’s lawyer. Devika urges Rudra to intervene and control Dhairya’s actions. Arto places the blame for Kairi’s condition on Dhairya, leading Imlie to suggest that Arto consult a doctor for his way of thinking. Arto, feeling betrayed, claims to have hardened like stone. He sternly instructs Dhairya and Imlie to stay away from Kairi and her family. Rudra acknowledges that Arto has made Imlie and Dhairya’s lives a living hell.

[Episode End]

Precap : An unfamiliar lady arrives to tutor Kairi as her private instructor, while Arto is unexpectedly abducted, leaving Chini filled with fear and concern for his safety.

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