Imlie 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Dhairya harboring suspicions about why Reyansh departed in his car. Curiosity drives him to seek out Imlie, only to discover a frightened Kairi in her presence. Bewildered, Kairi questions the kidnappers regarding her confinement, but they silence her forcefully. In a desperate search, Dhairya stumbles upon Imlie ensnared amidst a blazing fire. Despite the danger, she manages to convey to him the urgency of capturing Reyansh and Mr. Mehta, who had just departed, revealing that they had also abducted Kairi. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Dhairya vows to fulfill his own promise and save Arto.

Taking precautionary measures, Dhairya conceals himself with a shawl and cautiously infiltrates the hut to rescue Imlie. Overwhelmed by the perilous conditions, Imlie succumbs to unconsciousness, but Dhairya resuscitates her, bringing her back to her senses. Determined, she immediately yearns to depart and locate Kairi, but Dhairya cautions her against the risk of getting caught by the police or falling into Reyansh’s treacherous traps.

Meanwhile, Chini, devastated by the absence of Kairi and Arto, receives a call from Reyansh, who deceitfully fabricates a story. He falsely claims to have witnessed Imlie attempting to hail a taxi, and when he confronted her, she purportedly attacked him with a rod before escaping. Devika supports Reyansh’s narrative, convinced that her suspicions about Imlie were accurate. However, Shivani and Rudra remain skeptical, refusing to believe that Imlie could be capable of such crimes. Despite the accusations against her, Kia and Divya continue to malign Imlie’s character. In an attempt to seek justice, Rudra contacts the commissioner.

Chini’s recollections of Anu’s words resurface, reminding her of Anu’s assertion that Imlie would not harm Arto or Kairi. Sensing something amiss, Chini resolves to embark on a mission to locate them. In the midst of a concert, Reyansh endeavors to intimidate Kairi by donning a mask, aiming to provoke fear within her.

Despite Kairi’s declaration that she is not afraid of him, Reyansh decides to send two men dressed as clowns to scare her. However, Kairi finds their attempts amusing and bursts into laughter. As time passes, the two clowns get into a heated argument, which catches Imlie and Chini’s attention. Curiosity piqued, they remove their masks, revealing their true identities, and share a smile.

In a flashback scene, Chini discovers Imlie in her car and expresses her belief in Imlie’s innocence while blaming Reyansh for the wrongdoing. Surprised, Chini wonders why Imlie sought her help, considering their strained relationship. Imlie explains that she is aware of Chini’s deep protectiveness toward Arto and Kairi. She believes that by joining forces, they can accomplish anything. In response, Chini inquires about Arto’s whereabouts, and Imlie suggests that Reyansh likely kept him close by. The flashback concludes, leaving Kairi overjoyed to see her best friend and “princess mumma.”

Reyansh instructs Mr. Mehta to disguise himself as one of the clowns to prevent Kairi from recognizing him. However, Imlie and Chini launch a surprise attack on the men, receiving enthusiastic cheers from Kairi. Eventually, they emerge victorious over Mr. Mehta and leave with Kairi. Meanwhile, Reyansh realizes he forgot something important and discovers Mr. Mehta lying on the floor. From him, Reyansh learns that Imlie has escaped with Kairi.

In search of Arto, Imlie and Chini explore the area until Reyansh and his men suddenly confront them. Sensing danger, Imlie urges Chini to flee, but before they can escape, they find themselves surrounded by Reyansh’s men.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie’s voice reverberates through the air as she calls out to Arto, desperate to find him. Reyansh quickly responds, informing her that a dangerous gas leak has occurred in Arto’s room, posing a grave threat to his life. The shocking revelation sends a jolt of disbelief coursing through Imlie’s veins.

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