Imlie 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Imlie advising Arto to prepare himself for all the upcoming rituals. She gently applies a tilak on his forehead and lovingly feeds him sweets. Expressing gratitude, he thanks her, and at that moment, Devika suggests that he offer shagun (auspicious gift) to Imlie. However, Imlie politely declines, stating that she has already received numerous things from him and desires nothing more. Instead, she insists that he accept the shagun as a heartfelt gift from her.

Arto then instructs Kairi to address Chini as her mother, but Kairi, feeling slightly uneasy, decides to refer to Chini as her best friend. Calling Imlie “aunty” feels awkward to her, so she affectionately chooses to call her “princess mumma” instead. Devika expresses her satisfaction, remarking that everything is unfolding according to her wishes. She also raises concerns about Kairi becoming confused when she grows up, with Kairi referring to Imlie as her mother and Chini as her best friend.

Upset by this, Chini confides in Arto, declaring that she will never hear the word “mumma” from Kairi for herself. In her opinion, Imlie does not deserve to have Kairi and predicts that after marriage, Imlie won’t be able to separate them. Devika suggests to Rudra that Imlie and Dhairya should get married after Arto and Chini’s wedding. Initially hesitant due to Imlie and Dhairya’s previous friendship, Rudra acknowledges that the situation has changed. He contemplates the idea that Imlie and Dhairya should leave the household.

Rudra reflects on the fact that Arto fails to realize what he has lost, but Devika counters by mentioning how Chini has also cared for Arto over the past five years. Rudra acknowledges Chini’s actions but reminds Devika that Chini has been responsible for attempting to disrupt their family multiple times. On the other hand, Imlie has been the one who saved them from such predicaments.

Imlie takes it upon herself to educate Kairi about the beauty of poetry. She explains the Hindi equivalents of various English words, presenting them in a melodic and lyrical manner, which captivates Kairi. Just as they’re engrossed in this poetic exchange, Arto arrives and informs Kairi that she needs to go to Chini. However, Kairi expresses her desire to hear more poems before leaving. A playful banter ensues between Imlie and Arto, as they engage in a friendly rivalry, singing songs to taunt each other. Arto invites Imlie to attend his wedding, but she retorts by asking him to leave instead. Kairi praises Arto’s singing skills, which annoys Imlie, questioning why she must attend his wedding against her will. Meanwhile, Imlie overhears laughter from the ladies nearby.

In another part of the house, Chini is busy selecting her bridal attire, while Kia takes the opportunity to mock Imlie for witnessing her husband’s upcoming wedding. Chini suggests that Imlie must be feeling sad witnessing all the preparations for the marriage and even suggests that she should leave the house.

Elsewhere, Devika proudly shows off an expensive engagement ring to the ladies, which makes Kia feel jealous. Devika mentions that she has already forgiven Chini since she brought back her son, and she is willing to do anything for Chini’s happiness. Kia, unable to resist the allure of the ring, secretly takes it out from the cupboard. Akash warns her not to act like a thief, but Kia expresses her feeling of being unwanted in the house. Devika believes that Chini has changed, but Kia decides to become the real Chini for Devika by stealing the ring. Akash expresses his concerns about being jobless and fears that Rudra will eventually kick them out of the house, but Kia pays no attention to his worries. She leaves the room with the ring in her possession. Just as Kia and Akash exit the room, they accidentally bump into Imlie, who wonders what they are up to.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kairi sustains an injury leading to blood loss. Having a blood type of B negative, Arto makes the difficult decision to reveal the truth to Imlie: that she is, in fact, Kairi’s biological mother. Arto assures Kairi that he will take the necessary steps to reintroduce Imlie into her life, prioritizing her safety above all else.

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