Imlie 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Arto expressing his gratitude towards Imlie while also feeling remorseful for unjustly blaming her. He humbly implores her to steer clear of Kairi in the future. Arto takes the opportunity to instruct Kairi to request things from himself and Chini instead of relying on Imlie. He advises Imlie not to repeat her previous mistake and emphasizes his desire for Chini to always be by Kairi’s side. However, Kairi expresses her wish to be with Imlie, prompting Arto to take her away. Overwhelmed with emotions, Imlie becomes teary-eyed, and Dhairya suggests that she talk to Kairi through a video call. During the conversation, Kairi wonders if Imlie is upset because of Arto’s scolding and reveals her own disappointment with their father. In response, Imlie advises Kairi not to get angry but assures her that she will attend their parents’ engagement function. Initially reluctant, Kairi eventually agrees upon Imlie’s request.

Grateful for the joy he has brought her, Imlie expresses her thanks to Dhairya. As he is about to confess his love for her and demonstrate his understanding of her emotions, he swiftly changes the subject. Dhairya informs Imlie that he has a surprise planned for her later that night and suggests that she listen to music to avoid getting caught up in the engagement drama. Although Imlie requests his presence at the ceremony, Dhairya asserts his lack of interest. Meanwhile, Devika compliments Chini’s beauty and leaves to retrieve the engagement ring from the closet. To her astonishment, the ring is nowhere to be found, and Kia recollects how she had stolen it. Seizing the opportunity, Kia shifts the blame onto Imlie, accusing her of having a problem with the engagement itself.

Rudra expresses his frustration that even after the truth has been revealed, there are still doubts surrounding Imlie. Shivani stands by Imlie’s side, offering her support. Devika decides to confront Imlie directly, intending to seek answers. Arto, who had been away for five years solely because of Imlie, interjects, stating that he didn’t return home by his own choice. Devika questions Imlie about her happiness after allegedly stealing the ring. In response, Imlie asserts that just as she was not the kidnapper, she will also prove that she is not the thief. She expresses her sadness over Devika’s lack of trust in her. Imlie draws a parallel between Chini’s habit of hiding things and how she hid Arto for all those years. Chini claims that Arto chose her, not Imlie. Imlie suggests that Devika can search her room to alleviate her doubts, but Chini suggests using another ring. Imlie intervenes, stopping them, and offers her own engagement ring to Arto, indicating that he can give it to Chini since their relationship ended a long time ago.

Arto becomes disheartened, perceiving that Imlie doesn’t want to keep any reminders of him. In an attempt to make Chini jealous, he places the ring on her finger. Imlie suggests that Chini can adjust the ring size, but Chini experiences pain. Imlie then removes her locket and gives it to Arto, stating that she has no right to keep it. Arto leaves with the locket, and Imlie feels saddened by the thought that Chini will soon take her place in Arto’s life. Dhairya notices that Imlie is upset about losing the locket but chooses to conceal her emotions. Arto vents his frustration by hitting a punching bag and wonders why Imlie doesn’t seem to care about him when he becomes upset seeing her with Dhairya. Dhairya surprises Imlie and the two of them sit together at a decorated table in a special room. Dhairya promises to show her some cherished memories with Kairi. Arto catches sight of them and Imlie questions if he is there to accuse her once again. Arto informs Imlie that he will keep her away from all his happiness.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto stood on the verge of expelling Dhairya from the house, but his intentions were abruptly halted by Imlie’s intervention. Assertively, she declared that Dhairya was her future husband, and therefore, no one possessed the authority to dismiss him. The revelation left Arto and Chini in a state of utter disbelief and astonishment.

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