Imlie 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Arto storming into his room, consumed by anger. Sensing his intense emotions, Chini urges him to lower his voice as Kairi is fast asleep. Arto expresses his frustration, questioning why he is unable to forget Imlie’s betrayal even after five years. He acknowledges that she was in the wrong, yet he finds himself plagued with guilt for concealing the truth from her. Despite Imlie’s recent act of saving Kairi, he struggles to express gratitude towards her. Overwhelmed by the situation, Arto becomes teary-eyed, unable to fulfill his daughter’s desperate need for her mother. Chini consoles him, reminding him that Imlie has moved on and is now with Dhairya. She also assures him that after their marriage, Kairi will have her mother by her side.

The following day, Imlie disguises herself as Kairi’s home tutor, adopting the name Miss Parineeta Chatterjee, alias Paty. Arto harbors doubts about her identity and requests to see her identification. Imlie complies, providing him with her ID. Arto decides to confirm her credentials by contacting the school. Meanwhile, Chini discovers that there is no teacher named Paty at the school. Arto confronts “Paty” and demands an explanation, instructing her to leave. In response, Imlie reveals her true identity as Parineeta Chatterjee. Chini discovers that there is indeed a teacher with this name. Arto raises concerns about how Imlie could fulfill her teaching responsibilities amidst the wedding preparations. However, Chini suggests that they should not allow anything to hinder Kairi’s education. They agree to maintain a quiet environment while Kairi studies, ensuring she remains distanced from Imlie. Arto concurs with Chini’s plan.

Imlie reminisces about receiving a call from the school, informing her about the Bengali teacher. She pleaded with them not to let the teacher come and teach Kairi. Since Aditya (Arto) was not allowing her to meet Kairi, Imlie planned to disguise herself in order to see her. The flashback concludes, and Aditya receives a call from Mr. Mehta. Mr. Mehta invites him to perform at a grand event, which fills Aditya with excitement. Chini asks if he will also be able to attend the wedding functions along with the event. Aditya expresses that he cannot miss this opportunity to revive his singing career. Imlie unintentionally mentions that Kairi will feel proud of him, but she quickly changes the subject. A house helper accidentally drops a glass of milk, and Imlie senses it as a bad omen. She is about to say “Mangal Karo Maiya” but stops midway.

Aditya prepares to leave for the meeting, but Imlie doesn’t want him to go. Kairi also tries to stop him, but he assures them he will return soon. Imlie wonders why she’s having negative thoughts and later engages in playful activities with Kairi, pretending to be Paty. The song “Akla Cholo Re” plays in the background. Chini instructs Paty to take care of Kairi as she will be busy with the wedding preparations. Paty administers medicine to Kairi, helping her fall asleep. Imlie worries about Aditya and questions why he hasn’t returned yet. She believes she had no right to stop him but still feels stressed. Kairi insists that she meet Imlie before leaving, but Paty instructs her to count with her eyes closed and then leaves. Rana’s family wonders when Aditya will be back, and Kia suspects if Imlie is with him since neither of them is at the house. Chini fears that it might be true.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie reassures Kairi that they will work together to locate Arto. Two unidentified individuals render Arto unconscious and carefully place him inside the trunk of a car. Imlie bravely positions herself in front of the vehicle, determined to confront the situation head-on.

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