Imlie 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Arto expressing concern for Imlie’s well-being. They intertwine their hands, evoking jealousy in Chini when she notices the marks left on the board by their palms. Feeling disheartened, Imlie departs from the scene, while Kia remarks that Imlie always ruins everything. Devika intervenes by seating Chini next to Arto and urges him to put on a fake smile for the guests, at the very least. Meanwhile, Imlie observes Dhairya standing alone and approaches him to inquire about his distress. Dhairya confesses that he feels abandoned and alone within his own home, despite having a family. Empathizing with his pain, Imlie assures him of her support, referencing her previous assistance and her commitment to proving his innocence. Chini questions Arto about his somber mood, to which he responds by stating that he feels overwhelmed by the multitude of events taking place and is uncertain of how to handle them all.

Arto directs his attention towards Kairi and expresses his concern over her despondency. He attempts to engage in a conversation with her, but she rebukes him for needlessly assaulting Dhairya and constantly quarreling with Imlie. Kairi departs, and Chini prevents Arto from approaching her, suggesting that they give her some space. Sensing an opportunity, Chini signals Anu, who proceeds to implement her plan. Meanwhile, Imlie approaches the guard and requests access to the CCTV footage from the day of the accident, aiming to exonerate Dhairya. However, the guard claims he is unable to locate it, prompting Imlie to investigate the footage herself. Unbeknownst to Imlie, Anu spreads marbles on the stairs, causing Kairi to trip and let out a scream.

Arto’s intuition tingles, sensing something amiss, and Anu discloses to him that Dhairya has done something to Kairi. Filled with anger, Arto hastily rushes to Kairi, vowing not to let Dhairya escape his wrath. Kairi recounts the incident to Arto, prompting him to attempt an attack on Dhairya. However, Imlie steps in, shielding Dhairya from Arto’s rage. Arto accuses Dhairya of perpetually causing harm to Kairi, just as he had separated Arto from Imlie. Rudra intervenes, cautioning Arto not to cross a line.

Arto questions why no one can see through Dhairya’s facade and why Imlie can’t perceive his true nature. Arto asserts that Dhairya had schemed to kill him through a planned accident. Imlie finds it difficult to believe, leading Arto to question why Dhairya is even present in the house. Arto firmly believes that Dhairya is illegitimate and should be expelled. However, Imlie proclaims that Dhairya is her future husband and, on that basis, he will remain in the house.

Arto stands stunned, questioning how Imlie can marry someone who tried to kill him. Imlie dismisses Arto’s accusation as unfounded, stating that if he can marry Chini, she can marry Dhairya too. Devika expresses her indifference towards Imlie’s decision, urging her to keep her distance from Arto and Chini. Imlie informs them that she has already received their blessings. Rudra and Shivani bestow their blessings upon Imlie and Dhairya for their upcoming wedding, scheduled for the following day. Kia accuses Imlie of seeking attention at Chini’s expense, but Rudra states that he has no qualms with Imlie’s choice.

Arto advises Imlie to do as she pleases and sternly warns Dhairya to stay away from his family.

[Episode End]

Precap : During the haldi ritual, Arto experiences a surge of jealousy upon witnessing Dhairya applying haldi on Imlie. Succumbing to his envy, he proceeds to taunt Imlie regarding her close bond with Dhairya. However, Imlie resolutely asserts that friendship holds immense value to her and assures Arto that it will always remain a source of unwavering support, never letting her down.

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