Imlie 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with Kairi desperately holding onto Imlie’s hand, unwilling to let her go. Despite Kairi’s efforts, Arto intervenes and attempts to separate them. Imlie looks on helplessly, her gaze fixed on her distraught family. Arto then informs Rana’s family that he, Kairi, and Chini will be leaving soon.

In the midst of the emotional turmoil, Devika steps forward and offers some money to Chini. Initially hesitant, Chini expresses her inability to accept it. However, Devika insists that while she couldn’t grant Chini the rights of Arto’s wife or perform the traditional aarti ceremony for her, Chini should consider the money as her blessings. Devika acknowledges Chini’s unwavering care for Arto during his difficult times and encourages her to continue looking after him. Considering their precarious financial situation, Chini reluctantly accepts the money, knowing that Kairi will face difficulties and requires support. Chini assures everyone that she will never leave Arto’s side. Devika, overwhelmed by the situation, begins to cry, realizing that she cannot bid farewell to Arto.

Meanwhile, Dhairya advises Imlie to fulfill the necessary formalities; otherwise, she will have to remain in police custody. However, Imlie resists, stating her unwillingness to go to the Rana House. She believes that Arto has a strong conviction that she is a bad person, which led him to file a complaint against her. Imlie explains that she cannot bear to witness the hatred in his eyes once she returns home, and thus, she prefers to stay in jail until Arto departs. Reminding Dhairya that she is also human and experiences sadness, she requests to be left alone. On the other hand, Kairi expresses her reluctance to leave the house and urges Arto to stay behind. She repeatedly mentions Imlie’s name, longing for her presence. Despite the pleas from Rana’s family, Arto remains resolute in his decision to leave.

Kairi suddenly loses consciousness, leaving Imlie with a deep sense of unease and concern for her well-being. Determined to leave the police station and check on Kairi, she faces an obstacle when the cop informs her that she cannot go without signing the bail papers. Faced with this predicament, Imlie quickly contacts Dhairya and urgently requests him to bring the lawyer and the necessary documents to the police station.

Upon the doctor’s examination, it is revealed that Kairi is suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Anxious about Kairi’s health, she inquires about the delivery from Chini and Arto, as her immune system is dependent on whether it was a normal birth or not. Nervously, Chini and Arto assure the doctor that the delivery was indeed normal and without complications. The doctor prescribes some medication and advises everyone to avoid stressing Kairi, who is currently in a state of shock. Additionally, due to her condition, she is not allowed to travel for the next two to three days and will be kept under observation. Arto is taken aback by this information. The doctor then suggests calling Imlie since Kairi keeps mentioning her name even in her current state.

Imlie realizes that she may not be able to obtain bail anymore, as the allocated time has expired. However, Arto arrives and withdraws the complaint against her. As they sit together in the car, Imlie expresses her understanding of why he took this step—it was because of Kairi. A mother can sense her child’s pain. Arto responds by stating that Imlie is not Kairi’s mother, as Chini holds that position. He firmly believes that Imlie has no right to pass judgment, although he acknowledges that Chini takes excellent care of Kairi. Imlie counters by emphasizing the special bond she shares with Kairi, as they have spent quality time together. Arto begins to mention that Kairi is attached to Imlie because she is her mother, but hesitates and stops himself.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie holds Arto responsible for granting her position to someone else, and she believes that he has consistently favored others over her from the very start. Devika suggests that they consider getting a divorce.

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