Imlie 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Imlie assuring Kia to remain calm, suggesting that the footsteps they heard might belong to her. Kia, however, insists that they resemble a child’s footprints. Divya becomes elated and proposes the possibility of Matarani herself arriving to bless them. She deems it a miracle and decides to record the event. Devika questions why Arto hasn’t returned to her despite all her prayers if such miracles exist. Divya urges them not to dismiss it and suggests initiating the preparations for the puja promptly. Despite Imlie’s attempts to control the situation, her efforts prove futile. Dhairya endeavors to converse with Imlie and seeks her forgiveness. Imlie asserts that their friendship is no more, as he shattered her trust. Her sole concern now is finding her daughter. She laments her inability to form genuine friendships, attributing it to her ill fortune. Unbeknownst to them, Rudra overhears their conversation.

Arto reprimands Chini for her carelessness and departs from the house in search of Kairi. Chini implores him to let her accompany him, but he insists that it’s unnecessary. Chini breaks into tears. Devika mournfully confides in Arto’s photograph, and Kairi enters her room. Kairi’s attention is captivated by the numerous guitars present, leaving her astonished. Devika senses someone’s presence in the room but fails to spot Kairi, who conceals herself. Shivani reassures Devika, advising her to attend the puja without any worries. Divya extends a warm welcome to the guests and shares details about the miraculous occurrence. Imlie contemplates visiting the police station to remind them about finding her daughter. Shivani intervenes, suggesting that she should focus on the Aarti for the time being. Imlie’s mind wanders back to the moment when Arto referred to Chini as Kairi’s mother. Despite feeling betrayed by Arto, she participates in the puja, her heart heavy with sadness.

Due to Kairi’s accidental interruption of the music system, Shivani turns to Devika and wonders who will now sing the Bhajan and perform the Aarti. Unable to fix the problem with the music system, Imlie takes it upon herself to sing the Bhajan and carry out the Aarti. Unbeknownst to them, Kairi secretly listens to Imlie’s heartfelt performance from her hiding spot. Feeling hungry, Kairi indulges in the Prasad and eventually falls asleep.

Divya, once again misinterpreting the situation, speculates that the divine Matarani must have consumed the Prasad. She sees this as evidence of a miraculous occurrence and encourages everyone to have unwavering faith in it. Kia and Akash express doubts about the actual presence of Matarani. Imlie, on the other hand, acknowledges that she believes in the existence of God within all living beings and never denied Matarani’s presence. Nevertheless, she advises against placing blind faith in superstitious beliefs. Her only hope is to be reunited with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Arto returns home and Chini inquires about Kairi’s whereabouts. Arto sadly informs her that Kairi has not been found yet and that he has even filed a missing person report. Chini reassures him, urging him not to blame himself, and expresses her own concerns and prayers for Kairi’s safe return. She firmly believes that Kairi will come back home soon. In an effort to locate her daughter, Imlie visits the police station once again, but the officers mock her worries. They request Imlie to draw a sketch of her daughter, hoping it will aid in their search. As Imlie closes her eyes and begins to sketch, she is taken aback by the sight of Kairi’s photograph.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie discovers Kairi’s presence in Rana House and curiously questions her about why she is there. Arto, misunderstanding the situation, assumes that Imlie has taken Kairi away from him. Filled with a determination to reclaim his daughter, he declares his intention to visit Rana House.

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