Imlie 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Rudra inquiring about Kairi’s whereabouts, seeking information from Imlie. Imlie informs him that Kairi resides in Goa. Curious, Rudra asks if she has met Kairi’s family. Imlie admits that she hasn’t yet, but mentions that tomorrow is family day and she will have the opportunity to meet them. Realizing that Imlie hasn’t encountered Chini yet, Rudra believes it’s best for them to avoid a confrontation.

Subsequently, Rudra decides to visit Chini, surprising her as he stands outside her house. Startled by his presence, Chini is taken aback. Rudra greets her and inquires about her well-being. Curiosity piqued, he asks Chini about Kairi. To conceal the truth, Chini fabricates a story, claiming that Kairi is her daughter. Meanwhile, Rudra overhears Arto’s voice and becomes intrigued, prompting him to investigate further.

To his delight, Rudra discovers Arto alive. Overjoyed, Arto expresses his anticipation in being reunited with his daughter.

Arto expresses his desire to avoid following in his father’s footsteps, as his father had betrayed him and been replaced by Dhairya. However, Arto has lost everything and now Chini and Kairi are his entire world. Rudra initially feels happy to discover that Kairi is Arto’s daughter, but his joy quickly turns to disappointment as he wonders how Arto can stay away from his family for such a long time while they wait for him and Imlie continues to love him. Arto finds happiness in his relationship with Chini and believes it is now his duty to shield Imlie from pain, fearing that she will be heartbroken upon learning that he is content without her.

During a shopping trip with her family, Imlie engages in an emotional conversation with Shivani. Kia mocks them, but Imlie remains undeterred and chooses a dress for Kairi. Devika longs for Arto, sensing his presence in the surroundings. Coincidentally, Arto and Chini visit the same mall to purchase some clothes. Arto feels a pang of sadness as he cannot afford to buy expensive garments for his daughter. However, Chini uplifts his spirits by revealing that she has saved some money and reassures him not to worry. She selects a shirt for him since he hasn’t bought a new one in a while. Arto always strives to provide utmost happiness to Kairi.

Chini becomes aware of Rana’s presence in the shop and swiftly guides Arto away from there. She ponders how to prevent Rana from catching sight of Arto, realizing that she can’t bear to hurt him by stopping his desire to go to camp. Meanwhile, Rudra gazes at Kairi in disbelief, his heart brimming with joy at the realization that his son is alive and Kairi is his daughter. However, he is unable to share this newfound happiness with his family. Overwhelmed with emotions, tears well up in his eyes, and Kairi approaches him. Curious about her family members, Rudra inquires, but Kairi deliberately omits mentioning Chini, which raises suspicions in Rudra’s mind.

Elsewhere, Imlie writes heartfelt notes for the children, expressing how much she will miss them. Observing Imlie’s sadness, Kairi and Dhairya take notice. Dhairya suggests lightening her mood by making funny faces to make her laugh. He approaches Imlie, who invites him to sit beside her. Confused by her lack of openness, Dhairya questions why she isn’t sharing her pain with him since they are friends. Imlie replies that she is simply saddened by the departure of the kids. In response, Dhairya adds “see you soon” to the note and advises her not to bid farewell to the people she loves. A warm smile graces Imlie’s face as she appreciates his gesture.

Chini presents Arto with a joker costume and persuades him to wear it during the family day at camp. He expresses his willingness to do anything for Kairi. In Chini’s mind, the plan is to take Kairi and Arto away from the camp before Rana and others have a chance to see them. Meanwhile, Imlie confides in Dhairya about her profound longing for Kairi, unsure of how she will cope with the ensuing loneliness. Dhairya reassures her, stating that he will be there for her. Unbeknownst to Imlie, Rudra believes he has evolved into something more than just a friend for her. However, Imlie remains oblivious to Arto moving on with Chini, and Rudra fears that she will experience heartbreak once she discovers the truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie’s mind is occupied with thoughts of Kairi when suddenly, Kairi stumbles and falls. In a swift response, Imlie rushes to Kairi’s side, accompanied by Arto and Chini. As Imlie gazes at Arto, she notices a stunned expression on his face.

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