Imlie 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Dhairya showing picnic supplies to Imlie. He suggests they spend the day together, watching a movie and having dinner before returning. However, Imlie assures him that she isn’t feeling sad about Arto’s engagement or any rituals. She tells him that she’ll listen to music and easily pass the day without any worries. Dhairya attempts to convince her otherwise but fails.

In the meantime, Imlie goes out to fetch her headphones, but Arto suddenly pulls her towards him. He questions why she always appears in front of him, and she responds by saying that he can’t stay away from her, which is why he pulled her closer. Arto eventually releases her, and she leaves, telling him to enjoy his wedding preparations. Feeling melancholic, she writes a poem to express her sadness.

Meanwhile, Arto tries to distract himself and declares that it’s his turn to forget Imlie forever. Just then, Kairi knocks on the door to call for Imlie, but she remains oblivious as she is engrossed in her music. Dhairya asks Kairi why she is there, and he informs her that Imlie isn’t feeling well, so she should leave. However, Kairi insists on making magical water for Imlie’s recovery and heads towards the kitchen, despite Dhairya’s attempts to stop her.

She attempts to lower a container, but loses her balance and falls. The impact causes her to faint and sustain injuries. Dhairya is taken aback by the sight of blood and hastily lifts her up. Arto becomes frantic upon witnessing Kairi’s condition and rushes her to the hospital with Rana’s assistance. Meanwhile, Imlie senses that something is amiss, though she wonders if it’s merely an unfounded fear.

At the hospital, the doctor reveals that Kairi has lost a significant amount of blood and requires a donation from a family member. However, her blood type is rare, making it difficult to find a suitable match. Arto desperately implores everyone to donate blood to save Kairi, but none of them share her blood type. Devika advises him to remain calm and suggests that Chini, as Kairi’s mother, should donate blood.

Chini discloses that her blood type does not match Kairi’s. Faced with the dire situation, Arto confides in Rudra that he cannot bear to lose Kairi and is determined to save her at all costs. He embraces Rudra and accidentally overhears Kairi mentioning Imlie’s name. Realizing that Imlie may be their only hope, Arto believes that bringing her back into Kairi’s life is necessary for her well-being. Uncertainty looms as the doctor remains unsure about the availability of the required blood.

Feeling apprehensive, Chini becomes frightened. Arto attempts to contact Imlie, but she fails to answer as she searches for other family members. Dhairya also calls her and subsequently informs Rudra that he will accompany Imlie to the hospital.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kairi’s life took an unexpected turn when an unfamiliar woman arrived to tutor her as a private teacher. Meanwhile, a horrifying incident unfolded as Arto was abducted, leaving Chini deeply concerned and fearful for his safety.

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