Imlie 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Arto expressing his desire to start afresh with Chini, devoid of any betrayal. Imlie departs with Dhairya, causing Arto to release Chini’s hands. Imlie approaches a slumbering Kairi, who reaches out and clasps her hand. Overwhelmed, Imlie’s eyes well up with tears, but Arto intervenes and separates their hands. In a stern tone, Arto instructs Imlie to stay away from his daughter at any cost before closing the door in her face. Imlie bids a farewell to the Rana family. Ginni and Shivani weep, pleading with her not to leave, but Imlie remains resolute. Expressing her gratitude, Imlie informs Arto that she is happy he has finally returned and acknowledges Chini’s role in saving him. She offers a prayer for their happiness and prepares to depart, yet Rudra interjects, stating that she will not go anywhere.

Devika questions Rudra, asserting that Imlie’s departure had already been decided, and she had even signed the divorce papers. She questions how he can bestow Arto’s rights upon Imlie. Rudra responds by stating that Arto lost those rights long ago. However, he acknowledges that his decision should not have affected his other sons. Akash asks why Rudra made that choice, to which Rudra explains that he did not grant all the property to Imlie, but rather, what she received was her rightful share as his true daughter. His sons had repeatedly disappointed him, but Imlie made his life easier. Therefore, she will not leave. Devika raises concern for Chini, emphasizing that she had also supported Arto during challenging times. Imlie attempts to persuade Rudra to let her go, assuring him that she will always carry his blessings. However, for the betterment of everyone, she insists on leaving. As she tries to depart, Rudra declares that he will accompany her, as the place is no longer worthy of staying. The younger members lack respect for their elders and are constantly ready to engage in conflict. Imlie fervently requests him not to do so.

Rudra expresses concern about everyone focusing solely on Devika and Arto’s problem, disregarding his own wishes. Shivani and Ginni chime in, stating that they will accompany Imlie as well. Shivani advises Rudra to calm down as he appears unwell while speaking. Dhairya asserts that he won’t stay in a place where the people who accepted him won’t stay either. He instructs Arto to take care of Devika and fulfills his wish by leaving the house. Shivani and Rudra implore Imlie to remain with them, emphasizing their need for her presence. After much contemplation, Imlie finally agrees to stay in the house. Devika and Kia become upset, but Arto reassures Devika, stating that some unwanted individuals are already staying in the house, implying that Imlie’s presence won’t make a significant difference.

Imlie interrupts him, clarifying that she never intended to obstruct his path. She discloses that after their marriage, she discovered his love for Chini. Despite this, she refrained from snatching away her sister’s rights, and she intends to continue doing so. She assures Arto that he means nothing to her and is merely an unknown person. Arto departs, holding Chini’s hand, leaving Imlie feeling disheartened.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie suggests to Arto that if he truly loves her, he should consider marrying Chini. Arto agrees, stating his willingness to do so. Intrigued, Imlie expresses her desire to witness whether he has truly moved on.

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