Imlie 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Imlie assuring Kairi that they will protect her from any harm. They encounter a barricade on the road, and the police prevent them from proceeding, citing a red alert due to heavy rainfall. Arto and Imlie earnestly plead with them to allow them to take Kairi to the hospital, while Kairi herself trusts in her “princess mumma” to make everything alright. Eventually, the inspector grants them permission to proceed, and Arto and Imlie express their gratitude. Meanwhile, Chini visits the hut but fails to locate Arto and Kairi. She wonders where they might be, and Imlie’s driver informs her that Imlie and Arto have taken Kairi to a nearby hospital. At the hospital, Arto and Imlie provide the doctor with details about Kairi’s condition. The doctor advises them to remain calm, as such cases are quite common. Imlie reassures Kairi, who receives an injection from the doctor. Arto ponders why Imlie has become attached to Kairi, considering she initially didn’t want to give birth to her. Subsequently, the nurse requests Kairi’s parents’ signature.

Arto asserts his role as solely Kairi’s father, completing the necessary paperwork and instructing Imlie, the camp’s director, to keep her distance. Imlie ponders what could have transpired during the past five years that caused such a drastic change in Arto. Curiosity prompts her to inquire about Kairi’s mother and why she is absent from their current situation. The Ranas engage in a conversation with security personnel regarding Imlie’s predicament, while Dhairya receives the distressing news that Imlie’s car has been discovered abandoned and unoccupied. Overwhelmed with concern, Dhairya loses his composure and resorts to threatening himself with a firearm vowing to search for Imlie. He warns that anyone who tries to impede him will face dire consequences.

In that moment, Imlie mustered the courage to urge Arto to disclose the truth about Kairi’s mother, assuring him that she would handle it with bravery. However, Arto remained silent, leaving Imlie bewildered. Just then, Chini approached Arto and inquired about Kairi’s whereabouts. Witnessing Chini’s presence, Imlie was taken aback and questioned if Chini knew all along that Arto was alive and had been in Goa. However, Chini chose not to respond, adding to the suspense.

In the midst of the tense atmosphere, Dhairya hastily approached Imlie and expressed his concern, questioning why she had been ignoring his calls. They all shared genuine worry for her well-being. Determined to uncover the truth, Imlie pressed Arto to reveal the name of Kairi’s mother. Arto, gripping Chini’s hand, calmly disclosed that Chini herself was Kairi’s mother, implying that Imlie had correctly deduced the situation. Stunned by this revelation, Imlie struggled to find words and confronted Arto, questioning how he could betray her like this. She wondered what she had done to deserve his decision to move on with Chini, especially considering Chini’s past attempts to separate them. Arto defended himself, stating that they had grown apart and now Chini and Kairi were his family.

Unable to comprehend this newfound version of Arto, Imlie shouted at him, expressing her disbelief and claiming that she no longer recognized him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Imlie turned away, leaving the scene and succumbing to tears.

Dhairya offers comfort to her, consoling Imlie while Arto’s presence triggers his anger. Imlie confesses to Dhairya her inability to alleviate her pain and implores him to share a solution. She questions why Dhairya didn’t express surprise upon seeing Arto, suspecting him of hiding something. To her dismay, Dhairya discloses that both he and Rudra were aware of Arto’s survival. Imlie feels betrayed by their collective deception. As Kairi regains consciousness, Arto tenderly kisses her forehead. Concerned for Imlie, Kairi inquires about her, prompting Arto to resolve that he will prevent Imlie from approaching Kairi until his last breath.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie finds herself aboard a bus, consumed by a singular determination to locate her daughter. As she contemplates her sole objective, an unexpected turn of events unfolds. From within the confines of a barrel, Kairi emerges and announces her intention to accompany Imlie on this quest.

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