Imlie 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the Inspector questioning Arto about how they used to treat Kairi in the past, suggesting that she may have run away due to mistreatment. Arto denies any mistreatment and dismisses the notion. The Inspector then asks if Arto has any enemies who might seek revenge against him. Arto denies having any enemies, but Chini appears to have some information about Kairi’s whereabouts that she can’t disclose to him. Frustrated with the Inspector’s inability to locate Kairi, Arto becomes angry. However, Chini reassures him, telling him to calm down and assuring him that Kairi will be safe because Sita Maiya is with her.

Arto apologizes to the Inspector for his outburst, and later, he comes across a photo of Kairi, evoking strong emotions within him. He confesses that after Imlie’s betrayal, Kairi is the only reason he continues to live. He promises that he will never stop her from eating chocolates and won’t insist on her eating vegetables, but he simply wants her to come back. Meanwhile, Imlie calls Arto, and although he answers the call, he notices that Kairi is not in her room. He remains silent and searches for her within the house, making sure not to call out her name to avoid waking up Rana.

Imlie accidentally encounters Dhairya and immediately informs him that she discovered Kairi hiding in a room but then lost track of her. Dhairya finds it hard to believe and speculates that Imlie might still be fatigued or unwell. Imlie reassures him that she’s not crazy enough to talk nonsense and continues her search for Kairi. Meanwhile, Anu informs Chini that Kairi is asleep at her place and urges Chini to retrieve her promptly. Determined to bring Kairi back before Arto arrives, Chini agrees to go immediately. Arto converses with a police officer and discovers that Kairi was last seen near the bus stop and boarded a bus heading to Delhi. Shockingly, Imlie’s name appears on the passenger list, leaving Arto bewildered. Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, Arto expresses his prior suspicions, realizing that Imlie took advantage of Kairi’s situation. Simultaneously, Anu seethes with anger upon seeing Kairi, blaming Imlie’s grandmother for ruining Malini’s life and now repeating the same with Chini. As Kairi awakens, she refers to Anu as the “bad aunty” and questions why she took her to a different house. Kairi quickly distances herself from Anu and proceeds to sketch a picture of Sita Maiya, believing that the deity will protect her from the “bad aunty.” Anu, growing frustrated, orders her to be quiet, but Kairi persists and demands chocolates from her.

Imlie approached Dhariya and shared her unsuccessful attempts to reach Arto and Chini through phone calls. They encountered the sleeping security personnel and Imlie reprimanded him for his negligence. Upon reviewing the surveillance footage, Imlie discovered that someone had abducted Kairi. Dhariya and Imlie took note of the car’s number and headed to the police station. Unfortunately, the police dismissed Imlie’s complaint and treated her disrespectfully. In response, Dhariya warned them that he would make their indifference public by posting a viral video if they didn’t take immediate action to locate Kairi.

Meanwhile, Kairi requested juice from Anu and made a derogatory comment about her age. Anu, infuriated, glanced at the mirror only to find Kairi had vanished. Anu vented her frustration to Chini, expressing how much Kairi was bothering her. Chini requested Anu to look after Kairi until she arrived. Anu went to the kitchen in search of Kairi, but instead, Kairi playfully poured flour on her head. At that moment, Arto arrived, and Chini expressed her eagerness to finally meet Kairi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto lodges a complaint accusing Imlie of kidnapping Kairi. Consequently, Imlie is apprehended by the authorities. Surprisingly, when Kairi realizes that Imlie is being arrested, she pleads with Arto not to take such action against her. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn as Kairi faints soon after Imlie departs, leaving both Arto and Chini utterly stunned.

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