Imlie 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with the guests being astonished as they witness Arto’s unexpected presence. It bewilders them, considering they had attended his funeral. Devika expresses her gratitude towards them for being there for her during difficult times and reveals that she invited them to the party to share the good news. Kia discloses that Arto wasn’t missing, but rather intentionally staying in Goa. Arto explains that his accident caused him to forget many people, making it impossible for him to return. He then turns around, and to his awe, Imlie gracefully descends the stairs. Captivated by her beauty, he approaches her while the soothing melody of “Lag Ja Gale” plays in the background. Arto extends his hand towards Imlie, but before she can reach out, he withdraws, realizing his actions. The guests comment on how Imlie and Arto perfectly complement each other, creating a great pair. Chini, however, feels a pang of jealousy.

Ginni, the host, announces a game called “Couple Compatibility.” In this game, everyone is blindfolded and must find their respective partners. Initially, Devika expresses her reluctance to participate, but due to everyone’s insistence, she agrees. Devika then urges Arto to find his true love during the game. Rudra, too, encourages Imlie to take part. As the game ensues, Devika and Rudra find each other, while Chini deceitfully removes her blindfold. She notices Imlie and Arto about to make contact but swiftly inserts herself between them. Arto is taken aback by Chini’s intervention, and Devika jubilantly declares that the lovers have finally found each other.

During the cake cutting ceremony, Kairi surprises everyone by addressing Devika and Rudra as “grandpa” and “grandma.” The curious guests inquire about the child, speculating whether Arto might have a secret child as well. Kairi expresses her desire to participate in cutting the cake, but the guests stop her, reminding her that she doesn’t even do it on her parents’ anniversary. Kairi then reveals that her father is not married, shocking everyone present. She explains that Chini is her best friend, causing Arto and Chini to feel stressed. Chini quickly covers up the situation, stating that she treats Kairi like her best friend. Despite the unexpected revelation, Arto and Chini try to maintain a cool demeanor, assuring everyone that they are understanding parents.

After the cake cutting, Ginni suggests a photoshoot, and Arto enthusiastically agrees, expressing his desire to take pictures with Chini. In an attempt to make Imlie feel jealous, Arto holds Chini’s hand and looks at Imlie. However, he purposely avoids picking up an “I Love You” card that Imlie had prepared for him. Curious, Imlie questions Arto about why he didn’t take the card and encourages him to propose to Chini openly, without hesitation. She clarifies that she is no longer Arto’s wife, but Chini is. Both the guests and Imlie insist that Arto should propose to Chini, leaving him feeling embarrassed. The guests express their concerns about the authenticity of Arto and Chini’s love, citing the casual nature of relationships these days. In an attempt to salvage the situation, Arto, seeing Imlie’s reflection in the mirror, says “I love you.” This gesture brings happiness to Chini, as she believes he has proposed to her. However, Arto clarifies that even after five years, he hasn’t forgotten Imlie and that his love for her is unwavering. Despite their fights, he professes that he loves only her. This revelation leaves Imlie disheartened.

[Episode End]

Precap : Imlie implores Arto to unveil the truth about Kairi’s mother if his love for Chini is genuine. She urges him to make a solemn promise, assuring him that he can disclose the identity of Kairi’s mother if it is not Chini. Suspicion fills her heart as she senses that he might be concealing the truth.

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