Imlie 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Imlie and Chini finding themselves ensnared by Reyansh’s henchmen. Swiftly, they retaliate by wielding chairs as weapons, fighting off their captors. In the midst of the chaos, one of the men tightly grips Imlie’s hand, prompting her to strike back before falling to the ground. Thinking quickly, she employs a chemical spray to impair the vision of her assailants. Meanwhile, another kidnapper seizes hold of Chini’s hand. Determined to protect her, Imlie musters her strength and manages to liberate both Chini and Kairi, making every effort to impede the men’s advance. Urging Chini to leave with Kairi without delay, Imlie implores her to go. Kairi clings tightly to Imlie, refusing to leave her alone. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Imlie sternly instructs Kairi not to be stubborn, compelling Chini to forcefully escort Kairi away. However, just as Imlie prepares to depart, Reyansh intervenes, obstructing her path. He ominously declares that although she succeeded in rescuing Chini and Kairi, he will now reveal the whereabouts of Arto. Imlie is jolted by this revelation. Reyansh menacingly proclaims his intent to eliminate both Imlie and Arto. He dispatches his men to prevent Chini from seeking assistance from the authorities, dragging her away from the scene.

Meanwhile, Anu arrives at the Rana House carrying a collection of pots, smashing them one by one in a fit of anger. Rudra urges her to cease her theatrics. Anu asserts that they should make preparations for the final rites of Chini, Kairi, and Arto. She questions why they continue to harbor Imlie in the house, emphasizing that she had already signed divorce papers and Arto had moved on with Chini. Anu questions Rudra’s decision to grant Imlie a share of the property. She accuses Imlie of relentlessly pursuing Arto and orchestrating this kidnapping to disrupt Chini’s impending wedding. Anu insinuates that Imlie may have harmed Chini as well. Pretending to weep, Anu continues her tirade. Devika attempts to console her, while Shivani reassures everyone that Chini, Kairi, and Arto will return safely. Anu blames Imlie for Devika’s separation from Arto for five years and asserts that it was Imlie who brought Dhairya into their lives. Anu denounces Imlie as an ill omen, claiming that her presence in the house will only lead to misfortune.

With a smirk on her face, Anu gleefully contemplates how Imlie is now barred from entering the house. However, much to her surprise, Imlie discovers Arto confined within a lengthy box. Overwhelmed with concern, she calls out his name and desperately tries to free him from his enclosure. Reyansh menacingly warns that he will release a lethal gas, ensuring their imminent demise. Undeterred, Imlie channels her inner strength, vigorously attempting to break open the box while fervently praying to Sita Maiya. Miraculously, she manages to liberate Arto, but he is encased entirely in plastic for protection. Determined to escape, Imlie frantically searches for an exit door. In the midst of the chaos, Mr. Mehta questions Reyansh about his motive for targeting Arto and Imlie, emphasizing that it was not part of their plan. Reyansh justifies his actions, claiming that their exposure necessitates eliminating any risks associated with letting them go. Meanwhile, Devika acknowledges her grave mistake of bringing Imlie into the house. Suddenly, she receives a call from Chini, who informs her that Kairi is safe but Arto remains in the vicinity of the kidnappers. Chini discloses that Imlie was present with the abductors, and Kairi reveals her desire to stay by Imlie’s side, but Chini intervened for her safety. Devika bestows her blessings upon Chini, while Mr. Mehta flees the scene, seeking refuge from the approaching authorities. Breaking free from the clutches of captivity, Imlie forcefully unlocks the door, determined to make her escape. Meanwhile, Reyansh devises a plan to eliminate them both. Struggling to breathe due to the noxious gas, Imlie refuses to surrender. She perseveres, extending her support to Arto, refusing to give in to the perilous circumstances.

[Episode End]

Precap : Reyansh, gripping a gun tightly, aims it at Imlie, and without hesitation, pulls the trigger, striking her hand. In a desperate bid to protect themselves, she swiftly locks herself and Arto inside a room. Reyansh, consumed by rage, pounds on the door relentlessly.

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