Imlie 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Dhairya inquiring why Imlie wants to marry him. Imlie confesses that she merely wanted to witness Arto’s reaction to this announcement. However, she clarifies that her intention was to protect Dhairya from being thrown out of the house and losing his family again. Dhairya points out that despite everything, Imlie still harbors feelings for Arto. In response, Imlie states that love has taken its toll on her and now she solely believes in friendship, as she fears losing it. Both Rudra and Dhairya had urged her to move on, so she took this step. Furthermore, Imlie adds that if Dhairya does not wish to marry her, he can refuse. To her surprise, Dhairya declares that if he has the chance to remain by her side as a friend for the rest of his life, he is willing to do so. He wholeheartedly accepts this wedding and assures Imlie that he will never leave her.

The following day, everyone prepares for the haldi ritual. Imlie and Arto descend the stairs, and Imlie sits beside Dhairya. Arto becomes consumed by jealousy, and just as Shivani is about to commence Imlie’s ritual, Devika interjects and proclaims that Imlie cannot use her kitchen’s haldi and must arrange it herself. Arto views this as a divine sign, indicating that he too does not want the ritual to take place. Disagreeing with Arto, Imlie asserts that if he cannot comprehend human emotions, then he should not feign to understand God’s signals. She decides to proceed with the Haldi ritual using yellow gulal instead. Imlie playfully applies gulal on Dhairya’s face, intensifying Arto’s anger. Shivani and the others join in, applying gulal on both Imlie and Dhairya. Imlie puts on a facade of happiness and offers gulal to Arto and Chini.

Arto, Imlie, Dhairya, and Chini find themselves amidst guests who are mocking their complicated relationship. Imlie, feeling the weight of the situation, boldly declares that Arto is now Chini’s groom, not hers. Despite the ridicule, four pairs begin dancing to the tune of the Kesariya song. In her heart, Imlie realizes that all she wants is Kairi’s happiness, and she believes that Arto and Chini’s marriage will bring about a resolution to their tangled situation. Moreover, she hopes that in the process, she will also discover her own happiness.

Just then, a guard approaches Imlie with some important information. However, to her surprise, he fails to recognize her. Meanwhile, Chini, having washed her face, receives the guard, mistakenly assuming he is referring to her as Imlie. He informs her that Dhairya never left the house on the day of the accident, indicating that he is innocent and not responsible for it. Realizing the implications, Chini discreetly signals the guard to leave, understanding that she cannot allow Imlie to obtain the footage. She fears that if Arto learns of her lie about Dhairya, he may never forgive her. Determined not to be punished for her past mistakes, she decides to protect herself at any cost.

On the other hand, Imlie washes her face and Arto, seizing the opportunity, taunts her about her friendship with Dhairya. Undeterred, she defends the purity of their bond and asserts that it will never be broken. Deep in her heart, she believes that Dhairya will never abandon her, which is why she has chosen to marry him. Arto, moved by her conviction, prevents her from leaving and locks eyes with her. In a tender moment, he applies gulal on her face, his touch inadvertently mirroring his own face. As the enchanting melody of “Lal Ishq” plays in the background, he takes hold of her hand, their connection growing stronger.

[Episode End]

Precap : Five years ago, Chini admitted her wrongdoing to Anu and also revealed the existence of some incriminating footage. In that crucial moment, Dhairya captured the confession on his phone.

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