Imlie 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Arto inquiring about Chini’s intended destination. Chini, in an attempt to conceal the fact that she has already found Kairi, fabricates a story about knowing someone working in an NGO who might be able to assist them in the search. Aware that if Arto discovers she’s heading to Delhi, he would accompany her and might not return, Chini decides to keep the truth from him. Meanwhile, Arto, under the impression that his tickets have been booked, refrains from revealing the truth to Chini to prevent her from worrying. He informs her that he will be going to the police station instead. Eventually, both of them arrive at the airport. While Chini catches a glimpse of someone resembling Arto, she dismisses it as a figment of her imagination. Arto acquires his boarding pass, while Chini receives a call from Anu. Anu expresses her frustration with Kairi and urges Chini to make her behave, warning that she’ll leave her at Rana House otherwise. Chini implores Anu not to take such action, tearfully pleading with her. Unbeknownst to them, Kairi overhears their conversation, feeling sympathy for her best friend and father, and yearning to reunite with her mother. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Anu answers it, only to be taken aback by the sight of Imlie and Dhairya accompanied by police officers. Imlie frantically searches for Kairi, while Anu questions her, accusing her of attempting to tarnish her reputation by involving the police. Imlie insists that Anu has kidnapped Kairi and demands to know her whereabouts. Anu, however, shifts the blame onto Imlie, claiming that she took Kairi away without her parents’ permission. Fearful that Imlie will send her back to Goa, Kairi decides to flee from the house.

Anu was informed by the police that her car’s number was captured on footage when she took Kairi away from Rana House. The inspector urged her to bring Kairi back immediately. However, they soon discovered that Kairi was missing. This revelation made Imlie furious, and she questioned Anu if she had sent Kairi somewhere else. Anu insisted that she had no idea about Kairi’s whereabouts. Concerned, Dhairya and Imlie decided to venture out and search for her.

During their search, Kairi found herself at a fair, where she unintentionally bumped into a girl named Titli, who sold flowers. Curious about Kairi’s parents, Titli inquired, but Kairi chose not to reveal the truth. Kairi vanished when Titli became engrossed in a conversation with her father. Meanwhile, Rudra contacted Imlie to inquire about the situation and the whereabouts of Dhairya. Imlie explained that Kairi had come to Delhi without her knowledge and had visited Rana House, but she had now gone missing, and Imlie was actively searching for her.

Rudra was taken aback by this information, and Divya’s suspicions were dispelled. They realized that the footsteps they had previously attributed to Matarani actually belonged to Kairi. Devika expressed her desire to meet Kairi’s parents and reunite them with their daughter. Kia pointed out that Kairi shouldn’t have come alone, but Imlie was the one who brought her there. Devika grew suspicious as to why Imlie had concealed the truth about Kairi. If they had known that Kairi was in Rana House, they could have taken care of her. Both Imlie and Dhairya became anxious about Kairi’s safety, and Imlie decided to head towards the magic show.

At the magic show, Kairi ended up on stage when the magician called her. Expressing her desire to find her mother, Kairi became the subject of mockery from other children. The magician then sent her to a dark place and performed his tricks. Meanwhile, Imlie fervently prayed to God for Kairi’s safe return. To her astonishment, Imlie overheard Kairi’s voice over the microphone, pleading, “Mumma, where are you?” This revelation left Imlie in a state of shock.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto lodges a complaint against Imlie, accusing her of kidnapping Kairi. As a result, Kairi’s arrest is made, but she pleads with Arto not to take such action against Imlie. However, an unexpected turn of events occurs when Imlie departs, causing Kairi to faint. This leaves both Arto and Chini in a state of shock.

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