Imlie 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Arto expressing his love, confessing his feelings to someone. Kairi arrives and curiously asks why everyone is applauding him. Arto reveals that he emerged victorious this time. Irritated by the dramatic scene, Kia remarks that Imlie had been alone and shedding tears all these years. However, everything changed after Arto and Chini’s return. Akash informs Kia that Arto proposed to Chini, which Kia believes will break Imlie’s heart. Kia asserts that Arto still loves Imlie because he didn’t mention Chini’s name during the proposal. Chini engages in a conversation with Anu, sharing her happiness about Arto’s proposal. Anu contradicts her, stating that Arto still has feelings for Imlie. Chini insists that Arto now despises her, but Anu reminds her that she cannot change the fact that Kairi is Imlie and Arto’s daughter.

Anu suggests that before the truth is revealed, Chini should marry Arto, using the same trick that Imlie employed when she rejected Arto. Chini refuses to manipulate him or anyone else for marriage. She believes that Arto genuinely cares for her. Anu believes that Chini will soon need her assistance. Meanwhile, Imlie contemplates why she feels that Arto’s confession was directed towards her and not Chini. Devika reprimands her for harboring hope and urges her to leave Chini and Arto alone, reminding her that they have a daughter. Imlie clarifies that she doesn’t have a problem with Arto’s love life but simply desires to know the truth once and for all. Devika questions why they would bother proving anything to her and warns Imlie to stay away from Arto and Chini. Rudra also advises Imlie to mind her own business and not concern herself with whom Arto loves.

Imlie declares that she is ready to move on, but before doing so, she expresses her desire to uncover the truth for one final time. Meanwhile, Arto, engrossed in playing the guitar, reminisces about how Imlie used to adore his music. Curious about his somber mood, Imlie questions him. Arto responds by expressing his disappointment that she entered his room without seeking permission. In an attempt to stop him from playing, Imlie inadvertently injures her hand with the guitar wires. Arto immediately displays concern for her well-being, prompting her to question why he still cares about her. Determined to reveal the truth about his feelings, she makes him swear to disclose whether he truly cares for her. Arto confesses that he does care, but he honestly admits that his love belongs to Chini. Imlie argues that he never mentioned Chini’s name and emphasizes that since he hasn’t married her in the past five years, it implies he doesn’t love her. Thus, Kairi cannot be Chini’s daughter.

Arto clarifies that he was legally trapped in his relationship with Imlie, preventing him from marrying Chini. He asserts that Imlie has no right to question the love between him and Chini, as Chini knows his love for her and will always be his anchor. Unsatisfied with his response, Imlie insists that he hasn’t revealed the complete truth. Feeling disheartened, Chini acknowledges that Arto never proposed to her before, so why would he suddenly do so now? She accepts that Arto doesn’t love her. In the midst of this, Arto recollects Imlie’s words, and Kairi approaches him. He confesses his distress over lying to someone, recognizing that the truth brings peace. Kairi also discloses that she came to Delhi without Imlie’s knowledge and highlights how Imlie cares for her as if she were her own mother. Consequently, Kairi wishes for Arto to make Imlie her real mother. Despite Arto’s attempts to dissuade her, Kairi approaches Imlie to discuss the matter.

Arto is on the verge of intervening, but Chini stops him. She asserts that he can no longer conceal the truth, as Kairi needs a mother, not just a best friend. Chini emphasizes that Arto should accept Imlie once again for Kairi’s sake, or else Kairi will suffer. Chini further reveals that Arto’s proposal was insincere, and Kairi is aware of that fact. Arto finds himself lost in contemplation, uncertain of what to do next.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto declares his intention to marry Chini and proceeds to offer sweets to Imlie. Imlie graciously accepts the gesture, consuming the sweets and reciprocating the congratulations by feeding Arto in return. She emphasizes her principle of not taking things from others without permission.

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