Faltu 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Aryaan motivating his wife Faltu before they head to the stadium. When Faltu suggests that Aryaan should go to the office, he feels offended. In the midst of their conversation, a group of media reporters approaches Ruhaan and Faltu, bombarding them with questions. Sensing the situation, Ruhaan asks Faltu to accompany him, as he has something important to discuss. Initially hesitant, Faltu is persuaded by Sanaya to have a conversation with Ruhaan. As they step aside, Ruhaan gently takes Faltu’s hand and pleads with her not to ruin his sister’s happiness. This display of affection between Ruhaan and Faltu irritates Aryaan. However, when Faltu rejoins Aryaan, she reassures him and they share a warm embrace.

Meanwhile, a mysterious lady contacts the reporters, revealing that Faltu is representing Sanaya while concealing her true identity. The reporters are instantly intrigued by this revelation and see it as a sensational news story. In the changing room, Sanaya is informed that it’s time for her match. However, she becomes anxious about how she can hide among all the other girls. Faltu quickly devises a plan and suggests that Sanaya should hide herself among the audience.

Aryaan’s mind keeps dwelling on the closeness between Faltu and Ruhaan. He begins to suspect that something is amiss with Faltu, or perhaps she is involved in something inappropriate herself. He feels the need to talk to her. Just then, he overhears the media reporters discussing their plan to catch Faltu red-handed. As the match is about to begin, the reporters confront Sanaya, demanding that she remove her mask. However, the coach intervenes, claiming that Sanaya is experiencing a problem that prevents her from doing so. In the meantime, Aryaan creates a distraction, causing the reporters to rush off in pursuit of a juicy gossip.

After some time, the reporters once again gathered around, eager to unveil the identity of Shanaya. Surprisingly, it was a lady reporter who decided to reveal herself, removing her mask and revealing that she was indeed Sanaya. It turned out that Aryaan had persuaded Faltu to take Sanaya’s place in front of the reporters. As the reporters bombarded Sanaya with questions about Faltu, they were joined by other journalists seeking answers.

In the midst of the chaos, Ruhaan appeared to support his sister. Faltu finally emerged, standing in front of Sanaya, and deceitfully denied representing her. The media reporters continued their relentless pursuit of information about Faltu. Meanwhile, the manager intervened, expressing his disappointment and scolding both Faltu and Sanaya. He also confronted the coach, demanding an explanation for how such a situation had occurred.

The coach defended himself to the manager, explaining that they had never anticipated Faltu’s deceitfulness. He proceeded to berate Faltu for her dishonesty. Sanaya pleaded with the manager not to solely blame Faltu and assured him that she was willing to undergo a physical test. In response, the manager asked Sanaya to show her hands, and upon inspection, he realized that she had been lying.

Realizing the complexity of the situation, the manager decided to take some time to investigate further before making any final decisions. In the meantime, he instructed others to prepare termination papers for both Faltu and Sanaya. Despite the consequences looming over them, Ruhaan stood by Faltu and Sanaya, demonstrating his support. The manager acknowledged Ruhaan’s stance and requested the others to delve deeper into the matter.

[Episode End]

Precap : Upon arriving home, Aryaan’s anger reaches an overwhelming level, prompting him to set ablaze all of the cricket equipment. The members of the Mittal household are left bewildered, struggling to comprehend the situation at hand. Despite Faltu’s plea to spare the equipment from destruction, Aryaan stubbornly persists in igniting the items.

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