Faltu 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Faltu 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu and Ruhaan engaged in a discussion. Ruhaan reminds Faltu about the contract she signed, emphasizing that she must leave her own house and play for Sanaya. The stipulation is to keep this arrangement a deep secret; otherwise, Faltu would be obligated to return all the money she received. Overwhelmed with the weight of her decision, Faltu rushes outside and finds solace in her recollections, prompting tears to stream down her face. However, she tries to find hope in the fact that she is not doing anything wrong. Suddenly, she remembers her husband and wonders if he had tried to contact her. She checks her phone, only to discover it is not working.

Meanwhile, Ayaan grows increasingly anxious, pondering Faltu’s whereabouts. Kingshuk, too, is unable to find any trace of her. Ayaan pleads with the doctor to commence the operation, but the doctor reveals that the procedure has already been scheduled. Everyone present is overwhelmed with relief, and Savita embraces Ayaan. Nonetheless, Ayaan questions himself, doubting the plausibility of the situation.

In that very moment, Faltu arrives and, upon hearing the commotion, asks Ayaan where he had been. They both inquire about each other’s whereabouts. Ayaan recounts how he was attacked by ruthless goons, further stirring Faltu’s emotions. Ayaan questions how the hospital could proceed with the operation without receiving any money. Faltu attempts to brush aside the truth and expresses gratitude towards the administration. Ayaan and the others also believe this explanation. As everyone departs, Faltu is plagued by reminders of Ruhaan’s warnings. Observing her worried expression, Ayaan skeptically asks her where she had been, but she lies. Concerned for his wife, Ayaan apologizes, acknowledging her tension. Faltu once again tries to divert Ruhaan’s attention. Ayaan harbors suspicions about whether the money came from Tanisha or Sid. However, Faltu firmly denies this. Ayaan persists in asking if Faltu accepted Ruhaan’s challenge, but Faltu deceitfully assures him that she would never accept such a proposition.

Although the operation commenced, Ayaan couldn’t forget the mysterious reason behind it. He persistently questioned Faltu, seeking answers. He even expressed his disappointment, mentioning that he would never forgive her if Faltu had accepted the deal. This disheartened her. Surprisingly, Kanika noticed that Tanisha was dressed entirely in white. Curious, she inquired about the reason behind Tanisha’s choice of attire. Tanisha explained that she wanted to make amends through good deeds after witnessing a video about dispelling negative energy. Kanika was immensely surprised and observed as Tanisha began worshipping God.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan summoned Faltu and instructed her to convince Janardhan and Ayaan to work with him, threatening to cancel all their deals otherwise. Shortly after, the doctor arrived and informed them that the operation was a complete success. They were advised to follow their prescribed diet and medication.

Kinshuk and Ayaan grew anxious, pondering where they would take Janardhan once he was discharged from the hospital. Ayaan expressed his desire to express gratitude to the hospital’s administration department, which worried Faltu. Tanisha’s holistic approach amazed her own mother, who decided to accept the reality. Ayaan expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff but refrained from mentioning anything about the money, as he had been instructed not to do so. Meanwhile, Ruhaan instructed his personal assistant to arrange a cricket match and eagerly awaited the destruction of the Mittal house. Sanaya approached him, and Ruhaan congratulated her on her upcoming cricket debut, which would happen very soon.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ruhaan, now referred to as Faltu, assumes the role of providing Ruhaan with essential items. Faltu is requested by Ruhaan to act as his sister during his playtime, which entails leaving her own family behind. Faltu goes back to Ayaan and expresses her decision to depart from their house, as she desires to focus wholeheartedly on her game.

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