Faltu 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with a captivating scene unfolding at the Mittal house. Suddenly, a fire breaks out, prompting Dadi to scream frantically, seeking help from the confines of her room. Mischievous Tanisha, hidden away, relishes the spectacle before her. In the nick of time, Faltu and Ayaan rush to rescue Dadi. However, before they can reach her, Tanisha swiftly intervenes, executing her premeditated plan. She hurries to save Dadi and safely escorts her outside. Prompted by curious onlookers, Dadi reveals that it was Tanisha who saved her. Inquisitive Ayaan questions Tanisha about how she came in contact with the fire, and she fabricates a false account. Janardan, Sumitra, and Savita soon arrive, displaying their concern, and Sumitra commends Tanisha’s heroic act.

Observing a burn mark on Tanisha’s hand, Sid escorts her to a room and applies ointment to soothe her injury. Tanisha suggests calling a doctor, and witnessing her burn, Faltu also expresses concern for her well-being. Sumitra once again highlights Tanisha’s presence and praises her for her selfless actions. Grateful, Janardan extends his thanks to Tanisha, who emotionally professes her deep affection for the family despite feeling neglected by others. However, unbeknownst to them, Tanisha harbors ulterior motives to harm the family. She embarks on a path of role reversal, scheming to snatch Ayaan away from his own life.

Once again, Faltu mustered up the courage to reveal the truth about Ruhaan to Ayaan. The menacing words of Ruhaan echoed in her mind, warning her that they would be thrown out of the house if she refused to play for Sanaya. Ayaan, who had high hopes for Faltu and believed in her abilities, encouraged her to pursue her passion for the game. However, Faltu found herself torn about what she should do on the field. Ayaan also mentioned Sanaya’s impressive performance, which made Faltu uneasy. While Ayaan was impressed by Sanaya, his true desire was for Faltu to succeed.

Observing Faltu’s somber expression, Ayaan pulled her closer and asked why she seemed so tense. Though she didn’t divulge the truth, Ayaan insisted on knowing why she was feeling down. Faltu remained silent and didn’t say anything to him. The next morning, Ayaan wanted to accompany Faltu, but she preferred to go alone. Despite Ayaan’s attempts to motivate her, Faltu declined his offer. She firmly forbade Ayaan from joining her. Just then, Kanika arrived and praised Tanisha’s kind nature. Kanika took the opportunity to taunt Ayaan for his deceitfulness and urged him to accept her offer instead. Tanisha, once again, warned him about the impending consequences. In the midst of their conversation, Sumitra appeared and escorted Kanika inside.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan schemed to uncover Faltu’s plan. He instructed his colleagues to investigate Faltu’s motives, expecting her to reveal everything to Ayaan. Just then, Sanaya approached and spoke highly of Faltu’s performance. This only heightened Ruhaan’s confusion regarding Faltu’s actions. Faltu appeared joyous and satisfied with her match, and her brother continued to support and encourage her. Ruhaan wondered if Faltu was playing a game with him.

Ayaan, once again, implored Faltu to focus on her game, but she couldn’t find a way out of her predicament. Meanwhile, Sumitra and Tanisha discussed Ayaan’s confidence. Sumitra couldn’t comprehend Kanika’s plan, while Kanika expressed concern for Tanisha. Sumitra recounted the events of the previous day, leaving Tanisha baffled by the plan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu finds herself surrounded by the relentless media, bombarding her with questions about hiding the truth and urging her to remove the helmet. Their insistence on uncovering the mystery persists, as they repeatedly demand that she unveil her face. Yielding to their persistent demands, Faltu finally reveals her true identity, stunning the media with the unexpected presence of Sanaya. In that pivotal moment, Ayaan comprehends the truth and swiftly pulls his wife away from the clamor, seeking a private space to discuss what has transpired.

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