Faltu 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

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The episode commences with the Mittal family finding themselves in a state of helplessness. Janardan is taken into the operation theatre, while Dadi’s health continues to deteriorate, necessitating her own surgery. Witnessing their loved ones’ critical conditions, the family members become extremely anxious. Meanwhile, Ayaan, who is yet to return, is causing concern, and Faltu is unable to comprehend why Ayaan hasn’t arrived yet.

In a sudden turn of events, Ayaan engages in a spontaneous altercation with some unfamiliar thugs. However, his efforts prove futile, and he is mercilessly beaten by these assailants. The goons seize his bag and make a swift escape. Just before losing consciousness, Ayaan mutters that he must retrieve the bag. Faltu repeatedly attempts to contact him, but the phone goes unanswered.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs the family that unless they can provide the required funds, the operation cannot proceed. Sid desperately pleads and implores them to accept Tanisha’s money, emphasizing that it is not the time for discrimination. However, Savita tearfully asserts that accepting money from Tanisha and Kanika would result in Janardhan never forgiving her.

On the other hand, Ayaan regains consciousness amidst the presence of people on the street. He queries everyone about his bag and mobile phone. Managing to obtain a phone, he tries to reach out to Faltu, but encounters a busy signal. At this point, Faltu decides that meeting Ruhaan is the only remaining option, as no other alternatives are available.

Tanisha reminisces about the painful memories that haunt her. Kanika pleads for food, but Tanisha feels an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration. The Mittal family members refuse to accept money from her, leaving her feeling insulted and ignored. Overwhelmed by these emotions, Tanisha unleashes her anger on her mother, who becomes disheartened by the fact that her own daughter excludes her from her inner circle. Tanisha refuses to engage in any conversation with her mother and even blames her for not preventing her from acting so cruelly. Tanisha is taken aback by Kanika’s behavior and decides she doesn’t want to speak to her mother either.

Meanwhile, Ayaan arrives at the hospital, causing great tension and shock among the family members upon seeing his wound. His mother anxiously asks him how it happened, and he proceeds to recount the whole incident. Ayaan becomes curious about Faltu’s whereabouts and attempts to contact him by using his mobile phone.

Ruhaan wonders why Faltu hasn’t yet asked for money from him. However, Sanaya pleads with Ruhaan to accompany her to see Faltu, emphasizing that she is her friend and it is her duty to support her during this difficult time. Sanaya requests her brother’s assistance in going to the hospital to stand by Faltu and her family. Despite her plea, Ruhaan convinces Sanaya that it is not the right time to disturb the family members and she eventually understands, leaving the situation. In the meantime, Faltu arrives, and Ruhaan goes to meet her. Ruhaan cruelly mocks Faltu’s predicament, which brings her to tears, feeling helpless.

Ruhaan instructs Faltu to stop crying and questions whether she is truly prepared to accept the offer presented to her. With folded hands, Faltu reluctantly accepts the money and begs for it. She realizes that he is not a good-hearted person. Ruhaan hands her an agreement paper to sign, placing Faltu in a dilemma as she recalls the words of her father and husband. She remembers how everyone used to believe in her potential and had dreams for her, but now she is forced to abandon all her aspirations for the sake of her family. Ultimately, she signs the paper and is warned to keep it a secret. Breaking the deal or the promise would result in facing severe consequences.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ruhaan approached Faltu with an unusual request: he asked her to assume the role of his sister whenever she played on the field, even if it meant leaving her own family behind. Faltu, after careful consideration, made up her mind and returned to Ayaan to share her decision. She explained that she was now prepared to leave the comforts of her current home behind. Her primary focus was to channel all her energy and dedication towards her game.

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