Faltu 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Dadi and Savita struggling to manage a heavily intoxicated Faltu. Faltu stumbles around aimlessly, causing shock among the entire family. Kinshuk speculates that she might have consumed the wrong drink, while Tanisha questions how that could have happened. Tanisha senses that something is amiss since Faltu has never behaved like this before. Savita suggests putting her to sleep, and they all attempt to escort Faltu upstairs. However, Faltu refuses and insists on having Ayaan first. The family tries to pacify her as Ayaan arrives at the scene and witnesses Faltu’s drunken state. Ayaan prepares to carry Faltu, but an incoming phone call interrupts him. The entire family gathers as Ayaan receives news of a fire breaking out in the warehouse. Ayaan expresses the urgency to leave but mentions that Janardhan should stay behind. Every male member, excluding Janardhan, rushes off to the warehouse. Savita asks Tanisha to accompany Faltu upstairs, leaving Tanisha worried about how to inform Ayaan about something. Tanisha scolds Faltu and urges her to sleep. The waitresses observe Faltu being taken to her room. Kumkum arrives and suggests that Tanisha stay with Faltu. Reluctantly, Tanisha agrees. Meanwhile, she ponders the whereabouts of Ruhaan and worries about raising suspicions if she reveals the truth about the pictures to Ayaan. Upset, Tanisha leaves the room. The waitresses enter Faltu’s room, where she lies unconscious and deeply asleep. On the other hand, Ayaan receives information from the police about the warehouse fire, which appears to have been intentionally started. CCTV footage reveals two masked individuals rendering the guard unconscious and then attempting to make it seem like a short circuit. Ayaan is asked if he suspects anyone, and he is about to mention Ruhaan when Harsh intervenes, preventing him from divulging any information. Harsh instructs the police to conduct their investigation.

Harsh emphasizes the need for evidence before mentioning Ruhan’s name. Janardhan informs the guests about a warehouse fire that forced a family member to leave. Kinshuk updates Janardhan about the situation, reassuring him that the damage is minimal due to their fire insurance. Janardhan then shares this information with all the family members. Tanisha descends the stairs, speculating that Ruhan might be responsible for the fire, suspecting it was part of his plan. Waitresses arrive and take Faltu away. Faltu attempts to scream, but they gag her and lead her out through a window. Savita questions Tanisha about why she left Faltu alone, to which Tanisha explains that she had gone downstairs because Faltu was asleep. Concerned, they all rush to check on Faltu but discover she is missing.

Meanwhile, Faltu finds herself in Ruhan’s room and senses something peculiar. Ayaan and the others return home, with Ayaan determined to file a complaint against Ruhan for his threats. Harsh, however, reminds them of the difficulties they previously faced with legal matters and advises against getting involved again. Savita and Dadi inform everyone about Faltu’s disappearance, leaving Ayaan shocked and worried. Ayaan questions how she could have left when she couldn’t even walk properly. Amar mentions that the back gate was open, further increasing Ayaan’s concern for Faltu. Tanisha suggests that Faltu might have been acting and that Ruhan could have kidnapped her. Ayaan, enraged, declares his intention to confront Ruhan and set things straight, believing that things have gone too far. He leaves, and Tanisha suspects that Ruhan is betraying her. Determined to find out what is happening, Tanisha asks Sid to follow Ayaan due to his anger. They both trail Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Savita suggests that Faltu might have left for some errand or to meet Shanaya. Dadi disagrees, mentioning that Faltu couldn’t even stand. Savita ponders Tanisha’s theory about Faltu’s acting, but Dadi defends Faltu, convinced that she was genuinely intoxicated. As Ruhan attempts to approach Faltu, she questions his motives, asking why he is doing this.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ayaan catches sight of Ruhan and Faltu being together, witnessing a scene where Ruhan skillfully orchestrates the circumstances to provoke Ayaan’s anger and a sense of betrayal.

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