Faltu 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Faltu’s frantic search for a particular paper, leading her to barge into Kanika’s room in search of it. Despite finding a key and unlocking a locker, Faltu comes up empty-handed. Suhanna shares that she has also been unsuccessful in her search, and Kinshuk urges them to hurry up before they are caught in the act. Faltu refuses to give up and asks Sahana if there is any other location they should investigate. Sahana suggests Guruji’s room, which piques Faltu’s interest. The group heads to the designated room and begins their search anew. After scouring the room, Faltu and Suhanna flip over the bed but still come up short. However, they eventually discover a set of files hidden behind a photograph of Guruji. Kinshuk verifies that the papers they have found are indeed the ones they have been searching for.

They hurriedly stepped outside, papers in hand, looking happy and excited. Faltu felt relieved to see their excitement. But her relief was short-lived as she received a call, informing her that Ayaan had been beaten up by some goons. The constable requested her to come to the police station. Faltu decided to go alone, arriving at the station and immediately going to see Ayaan. The police officer asked her to leave, but Faltu confronted him, demanding to know how her husband had been injured. She blamed the officer for not protecting Ayaan and requested a first aid kit. The officer refused, but Faltu persisted and eventually obtained the kit, taking care of Ayaan’s wound.

Faltu informed Ayaan about the papers, which made him excited. The constable checked the papers, but Faltu confirmed that there was nothing important in her bag. Before leaving, Faltu threatened the officer that if she ever saw any wounds on her husband again, she would go to the media. She then returned home and went to her room, where she found Sid sitting on the couch. He had discovered her plan and warned her not to be too clever. Sid also revealed that Kinshuk and Sahanna had confessed to him where they had gone. When the others arrived, they told Faltu that she had searched Kanika’s room. Faltu admitted that she had gone to Kanika’s house, but refused to show the papers to Kanika.

Kanika and Tanisha hurl insults at Faltu for taking papers from their home and label her as a thief. Faltu accepts the accusations made against her. Additionally, they accuse Kinshuk and Sahanna of being involved. Ayesha is upset by this. Tanisha accuses Faltu of stealing the papers and forcibly takes the file to inspect it. After scrutinizing the documents, Kanika and Tanisha realize that they are not the original papers. Faltu explains that she has safeguarded the actual files in a secure location. Tanisha attempts to slap her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu’s mother-in-law intends to present her with two bangles as a gift, which is a gesture of affection towards her. Dadi expresses that Faltu has succeeded in winning the hearts of the family members, indicating that she is now accepted and loved as a member of the family. However, Ayesha arrives and reminds everyone that Ayaan, who is still in prison, needs their attention and support.

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