Faltu 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Faltu pleading, “Please give me an opportunity to explain.” Ayaan retaliates, “Don’t you dare touch me! Just leave. There’s no place for you in this house.” Janardhan and Dadi implore Ayaan to behave, while Savita accuses Faltu. Dadi intervenes, expressing her belief that Faltu hasn’t done anything wrong, drawing from her wealth of experience. Kumkum supports Savita’s perspective. Ayaan asserts, “How can you blindly trust her? Ask her for proof. You have no right to be here, so get out. But it won’t be that easy. I caught you with your promises, so now I will undo them and kick you out.” Tanisha smirks knowingly.

Ayaan ignites a fire and proceeds to revoke all his promises to Faltu. He promises to never think about her, nor care or love her again. Faltu weeps inconsolably. Ayaan declares, “You have hurt me so deeply that I will never be your well-wisher.” He undoes each sacred vow and promises Faltu that he will never support her, ensuring she will never set foot on a cricket pitch. Finally, Ayaan solemnly states, “After this, we no longer share any relationship. I set you free from this bond.”

Ayaan’s words echoed in Faltu’s mind as she wiped away her tears. She couldn’t bear the accusations and doubts on her character. She mustered up the courage to speak her mind. “Enough,” she said. “You can say whatever you want and question my character, but do you really have that right? I am willing to face any test you put me through, but I have no proof to offer. I have done so much for the family and for you, yet you have blamed me, expelled me from the cricket academy, and constantly doubted me by associating my name with Dr. Ajit and Vishal. It may have been my mistake not to stop you, and that’s why you’ve reached this point today. So, I am ending this relationship.” With a heavy heart, Faltu handed the mangalsutra to Ayaan.

The family members pleaded with them to sit down and talk things out, emphasizing that every relationship has its difficult phases. Janardhan requested Ayaan to return the mangalsutra, but Ayaan dismissed it as mere drama. “The truth is,” he declared, “our relationship is over, and you are free, just as you desired.” Ayaan set the mangalsutra ablaze, symbolizing the end of their bond. Ayaan and Faltu went their separate ways, while Tanisha watched on with a contented smile.

Unable to erase Ayaan’s hurtful words from her mind, Faltu ran through the rain-soaked streets. She witnessed other couples enjoying themselves in the downpour and imagined the moments she once shared with Ayaan. In her mind’s eye, she pictured them having fun, getting drenched, and indulging in romance. They danced joyfully, locked in passionate gazes. Ayaan encouraged Faltu to let loose and savor the rain. They were happy together, dancing in perfect harmony. Ayaan twirled Faltu around and lifted her, their love evident in their every move.

Suddenly, Faltu’s daydream shattered, and she let out a scream, tears streaming down her face. She felt utterly shattered and heartbroken. Sitting on the roadside, she felt utterly helpless. Meanwhile, Ayaan drowned his sorrows in excessive drinking on the balcony of his room. His mind was filled with memories of Faltu and Vishal. Anger consumed him. Faltu, on the other hand, reminisced about the beautiful moments they had shared. “I never imagined that the person who taught me love could also teach me hate,” she muttered. Ayaan couldn’t comprehend how someone could change so drastically, blaming himself for allowing someone to have such a profound impact on him. Faltu admitted, “For the first time, I feel anger when I think of you.” Determined, she vowed to fulfill her dreams and prove herself in cricket, making everyone regret their doubts. Forgiveness seemed out of reach. Ayaan questioned why fate had treated him so unfairly.

[Episode End]

Precap : In the midst of a flooded building, Faltu witnesses the struggles of its occupants as water engulfs their surroundings. Amidst the chaos, a distraught woman pleads for help to rescue her mother from the rising tide. Ayaan, overwhelmed with emotions, becomes upset, convinced that Faltu has allied with Ruhan. Meanwhile, Tanisha, fueled by her thirst for vengeance, embarks on the next stage of her plan, targeting the entire Mittal family.

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