Faltu 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Ayaaan and Faltu engaged in a conversation, both appearing deeply saddened by the pain they have caused each other. Faltu’s expression reveals immense tension and nervousness. Meanwhile, Sid’s mother suggests that he should continue staying in their current house, emphasizing the importance of not leaving. However, Sid disagrees, feeling that there is no need to reside in a place where they are not respected like others. Although Sumana understands his perspective, she seeks a swift resolution and proposes consulting with Faltu about the truth. Sid dismisses Sumana’s suggestion, considering the pain Faltu herself has been enduring. Surprisingly, Faltu arrives at that moment and assures them that she will handle the matter. Sumana feels relieved by Faltu’s promise.

Meanwhile, Tanisha approaches Ruhaan and discusses her own scheme, aiming to inflict severe punishment on Faltu’s life. Tanisha refuses to tolerate any insults from the Mittal household. She unveils a plan to Ruhaan, intending to convince Ayaaan that Faltu is engaged in an extramarital affair with Ruhaan. Tanisha provides a detailed explanation and logical reasoning behind her scheme, desiring to intensify the rift between Ayaaan and Faltu. Ruhaan contemplates the potential consequences carefully before ultimately nodding in agreement. Tanisha reveals her plan to throw a party the following week, intending to sever the remaining ties between Faltu and Ayaaan.

The following morning, Faltu observed Janardhan’s eagerness to go to the office and appreciated his excitement. Janardhan expressed his passion for his work. Curious, Faltu asked if Janardhan knew Ruhaan beforehand, but Janardhan replied that he didn’t. Overhearing their conversation, Ayaan became aware of Faltu’s desire to bridge the gap between them. Faltu also proposed bringing Ayesha back to the house and suggested keeping Tanisha and Sid there as well. Ayaan announced his plan to go shopping for the other family members, prompting Janardhan to suggest that Faltu accompany him, hoping to mend their relationship.

In Faltu’s room, Tanisha discreetly took some clothes from Faltu’s wardrobe, but as soon as Faltu entered the room, Tanisha hid in another room. Faltu sensed the presence of someone else and assumed it was the others. Kinshuk approached Faltu and recommended going shopping with Ayaan. Although Faltu wasn’t initially willing, Kinshuk persuaded her and took her outside. Tanisha handed the clothes she took to Ruhaan and advised him to arrive early.

At the mall, everyone busied themselves with buying new clothes. Faltu assisted others in choosing outfits but refrained from getting anything for herself. Her intention was to buy clothes for Ayesha, Tanisha, and Sid, hoping to bring healing to the family. The other family members gave them some space and left the area. Faltu rejected the clothes Ayaan had selected, which led him to pull her aside and question her actions. In the midst of their conversation, they shared the pain in their hearts but found themselves unable to love each other. Faltu felt hurt and walked away. Both desired to reconcile, but their hearts were still unable to connect.

[Episode End]

Precap : Janardhan proposes that Faltu and Ayaan find prompt solutions to their problems and emphasizes the importance of displaying unity at the party. He suggests that they present themselves as a formidable couple. Ayaan readily accepts the idea, while Faltu finds herself caught in a dilemma.

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