Faltu 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ruhan expressing his concerns to Faltu about the possibility of goons attacking Ayaan and reaching their home, causing trouble. Faltu questions whether Ruhan is blackmailing him, to which Ruhan clarifies that their previous agreement has been cancelled, and therefore, Faltu’s family needs to vacate the house by tonight. Faltu wonders why his family is being punished for his actions, but Ruhan reminds him that business is about understanding profit and loss. He suggests that if Faltu genuinely cares for his family, he can have one more day to make arrangements and inform Ruhan accordingly. Disheartened, Faltu leaves the conversation.

Meanwhile, Savita is deeply worried about Faltu. Harsh and Govind attempt to reassure her, while Shanaya questions Faltu’s whereabouts, expressing her concern about not being informed. Janardhan joins them and acknowledges Faltu’s efforts for the family, albeit in her own unique way. Sumitra confides in Sid and Tanisha, highlighting her suspicion that Faltu is up to something. Shanaya proposes contacting Ruhan to seek his help in finding Faltu, but Savita interjects, stating that they shouldn’t trouble others with their family matters. Sumitra passes a derogatory comment about Faltu’s irresponsibility, but Govind silences her, urging everyone to leave them alone.

Meanwhile, Faltu sits in the car and discovers multiple missed calls from everyone at home. Worried, he hastens his return. Ayaan calls Savita and expresses his concern over Faltu’s sudden disappearance. Just then, Faltu enters the house, and Ayaan demands to speak to him. Ayaan scolds Faltu for leaving without informing anyone. Faltu contemplates lying and fabricates a story about meeting friends. Suspicions arise, with Sumitra whispering to Sid and Tanisha about her certainty that Faltu is lying. Janardhan and Ayaan reprimand Faltu for going to meet friends late at night. Faltu insists that she went to transfer some of her winnings to Charan’s account as he is in need of money. Although Ayaan remains skeptical, Faltu shows some cash as proof and explains that she still has some left. Savita supports Faltu’s claim and convinces Ayaan to let the matter rest, advising Faltu to be more careful in the future. Finally, Savita and everyone retire to bed.

Faltu and Shanaya found themselves in Faltu’s room. Shanaya confronted Faltu, asking why she lied about going to her house. Faltu was taken aback and questioned what Shanaya was talking about. Shanaya revealed that she knew Faltu had visited her home because Dai Ma had informed her. However, she pretended downstairs to support Faltu. Tanisha overheard their conversation and wondered why Faltu had gone to meet Ruhan so late at night. Just then, Sumitra entered the room, expressing her excitement about the curiosity in the air. Tanisha, not wanting Sumitra to eavesdrop, pulled her away.

Shanaya asked Faltu if she liked the necklace Ruhan had gifted her. Faltu denied accepting it and emphasized that she wouldn’t accept such gifts as it was morally wrong. Faltu reminded Shanaya to keep their actions a secret, as it was risky. Faltu explained that she was only going along with it because she wanted to appease Shanaya’s brother, otherwise she would never have agreed to the plan.

Shanaya challenged Faltu’s notion of right and wrong, warning her that if her brother could help them, he could also harm them if she wished. Shanaya left the room, leaving Faltu shocked by the sudden threat. Faltu contemplated her situation and felt helpless, wishing things were different. She was unsure of what to do next and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Late at night, Ayaan received an unexpected visitor, who turned out to be Mallick. Apologizing for the delay, Mallick explained that he had been in his village and had recently returned, gathering evidence to assist Ayaan. Having served them for 35 years, Mallick wanted to repay the favors he owed. He handed a file to Ayaan, revealing a way for him to regain his house and business. The documents proved that Kanika had committed fraud by obtaining loans in Janardhan’s name and manipulating the company’s balance sheet. Ayaan was shocked by the revelation.

Mallick shared his belief that presenting this evidence in court would guarantee Ayaan’s victory. A grateful Ayaan thanked him and expressed concern about Kanika and Ruhan’s influence. Mallick assured Ayaan that he was prepared to be a witness in court and urged him to call whenever needed. Ayaan thanked him and watched him leave. Feeling grateful, Ayaan decided to hold off on informing Faltu for now, planning to consult with a lawyer first before revealing the news to her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tanisha arrives at the practice with her face concealed, filled with anticipation. As she observes the scene, she witnesses the coach showering Shanaya with compliments, applauding her exceptional skills. However, Tanisha’s astonishment grows exponentially when she notices Faltu taking part in the practice, playing alongside Shanaya.

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