Faltu 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with the doctor delivering the distressing news to the family regarding Dadi’s heart attack. Requesting an immediate submission of 1.5 Lakhs at the counter to initiate the surgery, the doctor then departs. Govind expresses his concern, stating that all their accounts have been frozen and questioning how they will manage to arrange the required funds. Harsh assures them that he has converted some stocks and has the money in his personal account. He volunteers to withdraw the cash from the ATM and heads out.

Meanwhile, Faltu approaches Ayaan and shares her plan to speak with Ruhan, hoping to secure their stay in the house. However, Ayaan dismisses her idea, confidently stating that he will find a solution. Faltu insists that considering Dadi and Dad’s health issues, it would be challenging to relocate them to a new place. She departs, leaving Ayaan feeling infuriated by the situation.

Subsequently, the lawyer updates Ruhan about the Mittal house’s status. Ruhan calmly advises against taking any further action and suggests giving it some time. Just then, Shanaya arrives and informs Ruhan about Faltu’s unresponsiveness to her calls. Concerned, Ruhan assures Shanaya that Faltu and the others are still residing in the house. Shanaya requests Ruhan to talk to Faltu, expressing her excitement to practice together with her. After Shanaya leaves, the servant notifies Ruhan about Faltu’s desire to meet her.

Faltu arrives and Ruhan inquires about her well-being, as it’s quite late at night. Faltu explains that she requires a favor and is willing to do anything in return. She reveals that Janardan and Dadi are unwell, and they lost their new rented flat as the owner refused to give it to them. They need some time to relocate until Dadi and Dad recover. In response, Ruhan assures them that they can stay as long as they need to, as he never asked them to vacate. He believes that as humans, it’s important to understand and support each other during difficult times, just as Faltu has understood his situation. Faltu acknowledges his understanding and expresses her belief in Shanaya’s strength to recover soon.

Ruhan appreciates the positive impact Faltu has had on Shanaya’s life, noting that he had been trying to achieve the same for years. He expresses his happiness and gratitude towards Faltu for accomplishing it. Faltu assures Ruhan that Shanaya is intelligent and determined, and she will undoubtedly achieve her dreams. Although it may be challenging for her to reach the finals this season, Faltu is confident that they will succeed in the next season. Confused, Ruhan asks if there’s no way to achieve it this season, but Faltu doesn’t comprehend his question. Ruhan dismisses the confusion, advises Faltu to rest, and emphasizes that it’s very late for her to be out. Faltu thanks him and leaves.

Ruhan contemplates the favor Faltu asked for and decides that he will ensure she repays it, but he also harbors a desire for revenge against Janardhan.

Ayaan approaches Kinshuk and inquires if he has spoken to Kinshuk. Kinshuk responds negatively. Soon, Tanisha and Sid arrive at the hospital. Govind and Ayaan reprimand them and ask them to leave. However, Tanisha admits their wrongdoing and expresses their desire to make amends by staying with everyone. Ayaan storms off in anger. Later, Faltu joins Ayaan and shares details of her conversation with Ruhan. Ayaan expresses his suspicion about Ruhan’s behavior, feeling that there is something hidden from their sight. Faltu suggests that Ruhan might be content with them, especially since she helped Shanaya.

Ayaan expresses his opposition to Shanaya and Ruhan’s involvement in their family affairs. Kinshuk interrupts their conversation, notifying Ayaan that the doctor is calling him. The doctor informs them about Janardhan’s heart blockages and Dadi’s weak heart, revealing that the surgery would cost 12 lakh rupees initially. After the doctor leaves, everyone becomes concerned about arranging the funds. Tanisha suggests seeking financial assistance from Kanika, but Ayaan dismisses the idea, stating they don’t need her money. Despite brainstorming, they are unable to find a solution. Ayaan attempts to seek help from officials but faces disappointment. Faltu takes Ayaan aside and proposes talking to Ruhan, but Ayaan disagrees with the suggestion.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ruhan approaches Faltu with a request to play cricket on behalf of Shanaya. However, Faltu prioritizes her family over her cherished cricket dream and makes her decision accordingly.

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