Faltu 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Kinshuk summoning Ayaan to return home. Ayaan and Faltu depart for home and inquire about the reason for their sudden return. They question why the operation didn’t take place as scheduled. Govind explains that the doctor stated that the situation could be managed with medication, and they managed to collect 5.5 lakh rupees. However, the condition of their loved ones remains critical. Savita breaks down in tears, and Kumkum comforts her. Govind then asks Ayaan and Faltu about their efforts in finding the money. Faltu responds that they haven’t had any luck so far.

At that moment, Tanisha enters with food and urges everyone to eat, requesting them not to vent their anger on food. She reveals that she prepared it for everyone and apologizes sincerely. Savita expresses their lack of energy to tolerate Tanisha’s theatrics. Tanisha pleads, admitting her wrongdoing and urging them to eat the food she prepared. Ayaan expresses his suffocation upon seeing her and grabs Faltu’s hand, suggesting they leave. Tanisha attempts to stop them, but Ayaan insists they let go of their hands. When Tanisha persists, Ayaan pushes her, causing her to fall onto the food. Sid intervenes, instructing Ayaan to speak respectfully to his wife. Ayaan then requests both Sid and Tanisha to leave the premises. Ayaan departs, leaving Tanisha in tears.

Ruhan noticed Shanaya wearing a cricket helmet, followed by gloves. Shanaya seemed happy, but suddenly, she winced in pain in her wrist. Concerned, Ruhan approached her to offer assistance. Shanaya expressed her satisfaction, saying that Faltu had assured her that her hand would improve with practice. She excitedly mentioned how her cricket kit was still in pristine condition and how eager she was to step onto the field and start playing. Ruhan smiled, delighted to see her joy.

Ayaan complained about his inability to see Tanisha, holding her responsible for their current situation. He questioned Faltu about what Ruhan had said. Faltu replied, “I already told you, he only shared Shanaya’s story with me. I don’t want his money because Ruhan and Shanaya will continue to visit here.” Ayaan remained doubtful, stating that he had been hesitant from the beginning, but Faltu had convinced him otherwise. Meanwhile, Ruhan captured numerous pictures of Shanaya. Shanaya urged him to hurry, as she needed to pack and move in with Faltu to focus on their practice. She invited Ruhan to join her, questioning the necessity of staying behind. Shanaya explained that she would bring her medication along, and Ruhan could arrange for her physiotherapy to take place at Faltu’s place for just a few days. Eventually, Ruhan agreed to accompany her.

Faltu expresses admiration for Shanaya’s abilities but suggests exploring alternative methods to acquire money. Ayaan agrees with Faltu’s statement. Meanwhile, Ruhan grows impatient, wondering why Faltu is taking so long to respond to their proposal, leaving him feeling restless. At this moment, Faltu reveals to Ayaan that they received a call from someone who learned about their financial troubles. The caller offered to pay Faltu if she played for someone else in a tournament. Ayaan becomes angry and demands to know the identity of the person. Faltu explains that they were saving the number, but it got deleted. Ayaan is upset that Faltu even considered such an offer, emphasizing the importance of not jeopardizing their dreams for money. He warns Faltu that many people are emotionally invested in her aspirations and requests a promise to never entertain such ideas again. Angry, Ayaan storms off.

Faltu contemplates how Ayaan is unaware of the entire truth and fears his reaction if he discovers Ruhan’s offer and the source of the money. The following day, Ayaan is preparing himself when a comb falls, alerting Faltu. Faltu asks why Ayaan is awake at 5:30 am and questions if everything is fine at the hospital. Ayaan clarifies that he is not going to the hospital but rather venturing out to arrange money. Faltu expresses concern about the early hour and advises against expecting a businessperson to meet at such a time. Observing Ayaan’s distress, Faltu insists on knowing the identity of the person he plans to meet.

[Episode End]

Precap : Faltu consents to Ruhan’s proposition, but concern fills their mind when Ayaan fails to answer the phone.

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